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Choose the Career You Want

We embrace the uniqueness of each student and work with you to help you become the best you can be. Our curated personal training courses provide in-demand career paths, enabling you to achieve your specific career goals. Turn your passion into your profession with a tailored pathway perfect for you.

Choose the personal training course below that offers the level of expertise, income potential and credibility that you want to gain from your education.

Practitioner Diploma™

Entry level

Learn the fundamentals and become a personal trainer. The Practitioner Diploma™ includes the level 2 Gym Instructor and level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications, as well as valuable additional professional development courses.

From £999 or £38 per month
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Specialist Diploma™

Most popular

Gain more credibility, more confidence and more clients by specialising in your chosen field. The Specialist Diplomas™ include the relevant Practitioner Diploma™, plus additional level 2, 3 and or 4 qualifications specific to your career goals.

Become a Level 3:

  • Nutrition & Exercise Specialist™
  • Women’s Health & Exercise Specialist™ or
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercise Specialist™
From £1599 or £62 per month
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Master Diploma™

Best value

Earn the most respected credential and build a strong, sustainable personal training business with more clients who achieve better results and stay with you longer.

The Master Diplomas™ combine the relevant Specialist Diploma™ with additional level 3 and 4 qualifications, ensuring thorough mastery of your chosen career specialism.

Become a Level 4:

  • Nutrition & Exercise Master™
  • Women’s Health & Exercise Master™ or
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercise Master™
From £1999 or £75 per month
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Become a Personal Trainer

Our personal training courses are focused on exactly what you need to thrive as a highly successful personal trainer. You’ll be recognised internationally as a qualified personal trainer when you graduate from one of our CIMSPA and REPS endorsed personal trainer courses, and you’ll join a community of outstanding fitness professionals dedicated to improving people’s lives through exercise, nutrition and mental resilience.

The fitness industry is forecast to grow a staggering 171% by 2028, so there’s never been a better time to start your personal training career. Obesity, diabetes and preventable conditions related to poor diet and exercise are soaring and more than ever the medical community is accepting that personal training is an important component of health care. Gyms, spas, resorts, cruise ships and medical facilities need your help. You can even offer online personal training from wherever you are to clients around the world.

Whether you want to work for yourself or for an existing business, qualified personal trainers are in greater demand than ever before.

Get started today. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Flexible Study Options

Slot your study into your lifestyle, easily and comfortably. We offer three different study options – Distance, In-Person and Live-Virtual™ – to match your learning style and schedule.

And you can start your course the minute you enrol: simply log on to our website or mobile app and get instant access.


The ultimate in flexibility and the perfect option for those who aren’t looking to attend classes. You’ll learn the theory and practical skills that you need to become a successful personal trainer via home study, then film the practical assessments in a professional fitness environment e.g. a health club.


Enjoy the in-venue, in-person experience: home study plus clinics that you attend at one of our premium venues nationwide. Learn in a gym environment with a tutor and other students.

Available Full Time and Part Time.


The best of both worlds: home study plus live, virtual clinics in which you participate at home via Zoom with a tutor and other students. These clinics are not pre-recorded webinars or videos – they are live.

Available Part Time.

Discover the steps you’ll take to complete your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™.

Easy Payment Options

Our personal training courses represent the very best value and are made even more affordable by the range of flexible funding options we offer.

Prompt Payment

Straight up and simple. Pay up front, in full and receive a prompt payment discount of up to 20%.

Payment Plans

With a payment plan, you could spread the cost of your investment across affordable monthly payments. These include no deposit, interest-free options. Learn more about our payment plans.


We’re an approved training provider for the Enhanced Learning Credits Administrative Service (ELCAS), so if you’re a current or former member of the armed services (within five years of leaving the service), you can apply for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding for any of our personal training courses. Learn more about ELCAS.

Get started today with the payment option right for you. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Support for Success

As your education partner, we offer multiple layers of support to ensure your success and peace of mind.

Our commitment to quality and dedication to excellence has set the industry benchmark for training and support.

As the trusted authority in fitness education for 25 years, we have 1201 reviews and our customer experience rating is 4.8 out of 5.

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Learner Success Team

Every step of the way, our dedicated Learner Success team are on hand to help you become the very best personal trainer. Whether it’s help with study tips or a question about a particular subject, our 5-star Success Coaches are available as and when you need them.

Our Success Coaches are devoted to your success and contactable via phone, email, our online Help Desk and face-to-face as often or as little as you need. Flexible and personal to your needs, you’ll have access to the resources, guidance and support you need to succeed.

The Learner Success team are qualified personal trainers themselves, who not only have the knowledge to help you achieve your personal trainer qualification but have real-world experience of turning that qualification into a successful career.

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Optional eClasses

Enjoy face time with our expert personal training tutors in live eClasses delivered daily over Zoom.

Designed to help you prepare for your assessments, our schedule of eClasses runs daily Monday to Friday over Zoom. The eClasses are optional and can be attended as often as you like.

Our team of respected industry educators will take you through the various assessments to help ensure you graduate prepared and well qualified.

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Exemplar Assessment Videos and Practice Quizzes

We embed yet another layer of support into your personal training course. Before you perform your assessments, you can watch our exemplar videos of practical assessments that show you what success looks like and perform practice quizzes that allow you to test your theory knowledge, as many times as you like.

And to help make your assessments even more stress-free, in the event you don’t get everything right the first time, you can resubmit for free.

Start today with all of the support and guidance you need to graduate as a standout personal trainer. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Included As Standard

Experience the exceptional with us. Time-saving features and money-saving extras come as standard with your personal trainer course.

Convenience and Simplicity

Study anywhere, anytime with our award-winning e-learning system and mobile app.

Mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop: you can study our fitness courses how, when and where you like thanks to our award-winning e-learning system. As soon as you enrol you can log onto our website or mobile app and access your online course material and, depending on the study option you choose, book onto clinics and assessment days.

Technology is in our DNA. We were the first course provider in the UK fitness sector to offer e-learning and the first to offer a mobile app so that you can study any of our fitness courses on the go. Our digital heritage ensures a rich and seamless learning experience, which was recognised by the health and fitness industry with our achievement of the ukactive award for Best Use of Technology.

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Extensive Exercise Libraries

Access over 500 exercise and workout videos.

Enrolling on your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ will give you access to 225 exercise videos in our extensive exercise library. Videos include base exercises as well as a range of modifications and progressions to help you create varied and effective workout programmes for your clients. You’ll have access to the exercise library throughout your course and once you’ve graduated.

When you enrol on your Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™, you’ll also have access to the Outdoor Fitness exercise library. This library contains an additional 90 exercise videos that demonstrate a range of body weight and small equipment exercises which can be used both indoors and outdoors. You’ll have access to this video library throughout the course and after you’ve qualified.

Graduating from your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ will also open up over 170, 30-minute T3 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. Each of these workouts includes:

  • a 4-minute mobilisation routine
  • 4 x 5-6 minute HIIT routines
  • a 4-minute active recovery routine
  • programme cards to give to your clients to track their results

      All exercise libraries are accessed in our mobile app.

      These videos are an incredible resource for you to draw on when designing workouts to help your clients achieve lasting results.

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Leading Learning Principles

Your personal training course is embedded with modern learning strategies to help you learn, retain and recall information quickly and easily.

Our personal trainer courses are created using microlearning principles, where content is divided into bite size chunks, helping you to better understand and retain information. Clear learning paths and our unique blend of stimuli make learning simpler and help build your knowledge piece by piece.

Our personal training courses also include synoptic assessment which reduces compartmentalised learning and combines assessments over modules and across subjects. This method allows you to better transfer knowledge and skills between subjects and helps you see how issues and themes connect.

Our PT courses meet the real-world requirements of fitness instructors and personal trainers and are specifically structured in such a way as to represent the real-world journey you’ll take your personal training clients on once you’ve qualified.

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Price Match Promise™

We’re confident we deliver the best value and highest quality training in the health and fitness industry. We don’t expect you’ll find a better price elsewhere for the same fitness instructor or personal training course sold with the same services. But if you do, we’ll match the price when you enrol with us.

Learn more about our Price Match Promise™

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TRAIN Rewards™

Save money on future courses with us when you graduate from one of our Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™ and join TRAIN Rewards™ – our exclusive learning loyalty programme.

TRAIN Rewards™ amplifies the advantages of continuous learning and professional growth with a 10% discount on future courses with us. Elevate your skills and save money at the same time!

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Get started today and take advantage of our premium services, unrivalled value and exclusive extras. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Career Opportunities

As your career partner, we’ll help you achieve long term success in a career that makes a difference. That commitment includes our unique Career Concierge® and MentorMe™ services which offer exceptional career support beyond our accredited personal trainer courses.

Career Concierge®

Career Concierge® is a multi-tiered support system that creates and prepares you for real career opportunities with many of the most popular fitness club operators and boutique personal training studios, as well as access to business start-up specialists.

CV Support

Whether it’s help whipping your CV into shape, prepping you for an interview or introducing you to your big break, we can help you.

Start-up Specialists

If you’re looking to set up your own business, we can introduce you to a panel of specialists in areas such as personal trainer insurance, web design, branding and social media, to help you get your new business up and running fast.

Job Board

Our exclusive job board lists the latest vacancies from the country’s leading health clubs and studios. Our AI engine will match you with personal trainer opportunities based on the fitness courses you’re studying with us and or the fitness qualifications we know you already have. Simply choose the roles you’re interested in and upload your CV.

Guaranteed Interview

We can also arrange an interview for you with our extensive network of industry partners who offer employed positions, independent contractor agreements or a mix of both.


Graduate from one of our Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™ and take advantage of MentorMe™, our mentorship programme designed to provide ongoing skill enhancement and guidance for success.

MentorMe™ provides access to industry experts committed to helping you achieve your goals. Designed to help you fine-tune your skills and focus on success, you’ll experience skill development opportunities, support navigating career challenges, and a community for innovation.

Learn more

The sooner you start, the sooner you qualify, the sooner you leverage the outstanding benefits of our Career Concierge® and MentorMe™ services. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

We’re Here to Help

Find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please call us.

Are your personal training courses accredited?

They are and the awarding organisation we use is Focus Awards. You’ll achieve the relevant Focus Awards personal trainer qualification upon successful completion of the Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ you enrolled on, the internationally recognised personal training certification for which will be issued by them.

Our personal training courses are also recognised by REPs and CIMSPA.

All personal training courses accredited by CIMSPA through Campus Learning

Are your personal trainer qualifications recognised internationally?

They are indeed. When you graduate from one of our personal trainer courses, your qualification will be recognised in countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE and Ireland, as well as various countries in Europe.

How long will it take to qualify with you as a personal trainer?

Our entry-level Practitioner Diploma™ usually takes eight to 12 weeks. If you’re keen to distinguish yourself as a personal training expert with one of our Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™, expect a bit more time due to the breadth and depth of learning they offer.

Remember, these timelines are just guidelines. We appreciate the uniqueness of each person and understand that lifestyles, priorities and aptitudes vary. Whether you’re a self-starter seeking autonomy or thrive in a structured environment, we’ve got the right option for you.

Dive into our Distance study option for ultimate freedom and take control of your learning journey at your pace. Or, if you’re into bouncing ideas off others and having a set schedule, our In-Person or Live-Virtual™ study options are right for you.

Bottom line? Your journey, your call.

Do you offer guaranteed interviews?

Not only do we offer guaranteed interviews with top fitness companies once you qualify, importantly, we collaborate with you to determine the best path forward. By understanding your preferences, we can guide you to suitable opportunities and secure interviews – be they for employed positions, independent contractor agreements or a mix of both – at fitness centres that align with your career goals.

In case you missed it, check out how else we can support you with career opportunities.

Do you deliver personal training courses near me?

No matter where you’re based, we can help you become a personal trainer.

For those seeking a classroom experience with a tutor and fellow students, our In-Person study option is available in well-equipped health clubs across the country, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bath, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Bristol, Bournemouth and Leeds.

If attending classes in person is challenging, our Live-Virtual option allows you to participate from the comfort of your home.

And if a flexible schedule is a priority or attending classes isn’t feasible for you, our Distance study option enables you to study entirely from home.

We’ve got you covered, no matter your circumstances.

What payment options do you have?

You can pay in full, up front and receive a prompt payment discount of up to 20%; or take out a payment plan on the regular price, including no deposit, no interest options. If you’re a current or former member of the armed services (within five years of leaving the service), you can apply for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding for any of our personal training courses.

Learn more about ELCAS and our payment plans.

Do you offer online personal trainer courses?

We pioneered online learning in the UK fitness industry, so the answer is a resounding yes! No matter which personal trainer course you enrol on with us, you’ll complete the theory component online.

The main difference between the study options we offer is how you perform the practical assessments. With our Distance study option, you’ll film the practical assessments in a suitably equipped professional fitness environment e.g. a health club. For more information, check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™.

Our online personal trainer course is designed for maximum flexibility, ensuring you have access to digital materials whenever you need them. Enrolling on our online personal training course offers numerous benefits, including dedicated support throughout your studies, the flexibility of studying from home, and a wealth of learning resources like online lectures and practical training videos.

Our online personal training courses provide unparalleled flexibility, diverse payment options, and immediate access to a wealth of learning resources, ensuring that you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

Do you offer part time personal training courses?

We offer part time, weekend personal training courses for both our In-Person and Live-Virtual study options. To find out more, choose the personal training course for you – Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™.

What support is available to me

We have multiple support systems in place to make your studies seamless and stress-free. Check out Support for Success, Included as Standard and Career Opportunities for more information.

Do you offer level 4 personal trainer courses?

A standalone personal trainer qualification is classified at level 3, yet our Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™ elevate both your skills and reputation with level 4 qualifications known for their depth and expertise. For example, our Master Diplomas™ feature the level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer qualification, equipping you with advanced skills and knowledge to excel in your career. Depending on the Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ you choose, you’ll also gain the benefit of additional level 3 and 4 qualifications.

Can you help me with career opportunities and or setting up my business after I graduate?

Absolutely. We support your career journey in multiple ways after you graduate. Our exclusive job board is your gateway to vacancies from the country’s leading health clubs. Unlock guaranteed interviews – whether for employed positions, independent contractor agreements, or a blend of both – through our vast network of industry partners. With MentorMe™, industry experts are dedicated to nurturing your skills post-graduation. Dive into business start-up opportunities effortlessly with Career Concierge®, connecting you with a panel of specialised advisors. We can even fine-tune your CV and equip you with invaluable interview preparation tips.

Are there any specific requirements I need to meet before enrolling on one of your personal trainer courses?

When it comes to getting started, you don’t need any previous fitness qualifications for our personal trainer courses. If you already hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification, you might be exempt from some sections of the course. Give us a call on 0207 2929 140 to find out more.

You’ll need a basic level of English and Maths to understand the course content.

Our personal training courses involve physical activity that you need to perform. While it’s not essential, having personal experience of working out in a gym will come in handy.

Do you offer free personal training courses?

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. While we don’t offer free personal training courses, we do offer affordable, value-for-money courses backed by our Price Match Promise with a number of payment options.

Can I start my own personal training business when I graduate?

You certainly can and our accredited personal training qualifications are essential for those looking to start a personal training business. When you achieve a personal training qualification with us, you’ll also be recognised internationally as a qualified personal trainer. Completing our course can also open the door to starting your own personal training business.

Embarking on a personal training business offers an exciting opportunity to apply your passion for fitness in a dynamic and rewarding career. With the skills and knowledge you gain from the course, starting a successful personal training business is within reach. Our personal training courses ensure you have the foundation to collect client success stories, retain clients, and grow a sustainable business.

What is involved in becoming a personal trainer?

We are the leading fitness training provider, offering internationally recognised personal trainer courses. If you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer, you simply complete one of our personal trainer courses and this will allow you to enter the fitness industry. With our level 3 personal trainer course you gain the required personal trainer qualifications you need to get started.

The first step in becoming a personal trainer with us is usually to enrol on a personal trainer course (also known as a PT course). We offer our PT courses online (also known as Distance study), In-Person or through our Live-Virtual™ study option, depending on your learning style. Our online personal trainer courses offer convenience for those of our students who are busy and cannot attend our In-Person or Live-Virtual™ training dates. Our personal training courses include comprehensive fitness education and incorporate a vast array of subjects including gym instructing, physical measurements, functional programme design for physical activity, and movement screening. Our practical assessment component ensures that you get hands-on experience in gym instructing as you learn what is involved in performing the roles of gym instructor and personal trainer, preparing you for a successful career as a personal trainer.

An important part of our PT course is the personal support we offer. Each time you call us, you’ll speak to a dedicated personal tutor who will help you with whatever questions you might have so that you can continue your course with confidence. We aim to give you exceptional fitness education and support to put you on the path to a successful career in personal training.

Personal trainers can also earn more by specialising in a subject area, such as nutrition for example, and this is where our Specialist and Master Diplomas™ will help you. These advanced courses help to ensure you stay ahead of the competition when working in the fitness industry. Quite simply, personal trainers earn more with additional qualifications and expertise. A personal trainer salary can vary quite significantly depending on experience and location and the better the skill level and knowledge of a personal trainer, the more they tend to earn while enjoying the flexibility of their career. We can supply a full personal trainer salary guide that breaks down the earning potential and average costs of PT sessions and how to calculate a personal trainer’s income.

In summary, becoming a personal trainer with us is simple – enrol on the personal trainer course of your choice, successfully complete the course work with as little or as much help from us as you need, and gain your personal trainer qualifications. The support from our personal tutors and the convenience of our online courses – or our In-Person or Live-Virtual™ study options if your prefer – makes this achievable for all aspiring personal trainers.

Whether you intend to work in a fitness centre or open your own PT business, our personal trainer course will provide you with the skills to achieve success. As the leading provider, we provide personal training courses that cover all of the important components, including gym instructing, gym instructor skills and business skills for running a PT business. As a personal trainer trained by us, you’ll be able to work with clients, help them achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a rewarding career in the ever-growing fitness industry.

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