Save Up To £1200. Normally: £1599 Today: £999 or from £38/month.

Choose the Career You Want

We understand that every student is unique, so we work with you to help you become the very best personal trainer you can be. With a range of personal training courses to choose from, you can achieve the career goals that mean the most to you.

Make your passion your profession and choose the personal training course below that offers the level of expertise, income potential and credibility that you want to gain from your education.

Practitioner Diploma™

Entry level

Learn the foundations and become a personal trainer in Newham. The Practitioner Diploma™ comprises the level 2 Gym Instructor and level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications, along with great additional professional development courses.

From £999 or £38 per month
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Specialist Diploma™

Most popular

Enhance your credibility, boost your confidence, and attract more clients in Newham by specialising in your chosen field. The Specialist Diplomas™ combine the relevant Practitioner Diploma™ with extra level 2, 3 and or 4 qualifications tailored to your career goals.

Become a Level 3:

  • Nutrition & Exercise Specialist™
  • Women’s Health & Exercise Specialist™ or
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercise Specialist™
From £1599 or £62 per month
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Master Diploma™

Best value

Earn the most respected credential and build a strong, sustainable personal training business in Newham with more clients who achieve better results and stay with you longer.

The Master Diplomas™ include the relevant Specialist Diploma™ as well as additional level 3 and 4 qualifications to ensure mastery of your chosen career specialism.

Become a Level 4:

  • Nutrition & Exercise Master™
  • Women’s Health & Exercise Master™ or
  • Strength & Conditioning Exercise Master™
From £1999 or £75 per month
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Become a Personal Trainer in Newham

Our personal trainer courses are designed to provide everything you need to thrive as a highly successful personal trainer in Newham. When you graduate from one of our CIMSPA and REPS endorsed personal trainer courses, you’ll gain international recognition as a qualified personal trainer and become part of a community of exceptional fitness professionals committed to enhancing lives through exercise, nutrition, and mental resilience.

Obesity, diabetes and other preventable conditions associated with poor diet and exercise habits are epidemic and more than ever the medical field is recognising that personal trainers are an essential part of health care. Your expertise is needed in health clubs, spas, resorts, cruise ships, and medical centres; and no matter where you live, you can also provide online personal training to clients around the world.

Whether you want to start your own personal training business in Newham or join an existing one, the demand for skilled and qualified personal trainers is higher than ever.

Take the first step today and check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™. You could qualify as a personal trainer in just eight weeks.

Convenient Study Options

Slot your studies into your schedule with ease and comfort. With three study options to choose from – Distance, In-Person and Live-Virtual™ – we have the perfect match for your learning style.

And you can start your PT course as soon you enrol: just log on to our website or mobile app and get immediate access.


This option is super flexible and great if you’re not able to attend regular clinics (classes). You’ll pick up all the theory and practical skills you need to be a successful personal trainer from home study. Then, you just head to a professional fitness facility, like a health club, to film your practical assessments.


Our in-person study option sees you combine home study with practical clinics at one of our quality venues across the country where you’ll learn in a real gym with a tutor and other students.

Available Part Time and Full Time.


Enjoy the best of both worlds and blend home study with live, virtual clinics that you attend via Zoom and learn with a tutor and other students. These clinics are live, not pre-recorded webinars or videos.

Available Part Time.

See the steps you’ll take to complete your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™.

Helpful Payment Options

Our personal trainer courses offer exceptional value and are made even more budget-friendly with the flexible payment options we provide.

Prompt Payment

Simple and straightforward. Pay in full upfront and receive a promp payment discount of up to 20%.

Payment Plans

With a payment plan, you can break down the cost of your investment into manageable monthly instalments. This includes options with no deposit and zero interest. Learn more about our payment plans


We are an approved training provider for the Enhanced Learning Credits Administrative Service (ELCAS). If you are currently serving or have served in the armed forces within the last five years, you are eligible to apply for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) to fund any of our personal training courses. Learn more about ELCAS.

Get started today with the payment option right for you. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Supporting Your Success

As your education partner, we provide layers of support to secure your success and peace of mind.

Our focus on quality and commitment to excellence have made us the industry benchmark for training and support.

As the respected authority in personal training courses for 25 years, we have 1201 reviews and our customer experience rating is 4.8 out of 5.

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Learner Success Team

At every stage, our Learner Success team is ready and waiting to help you qualify as a personal trainer. Whether you need study tips or have questions about a specific topic, our Success Coaches are available as often or as little as you need.

Dedicated to your success, our Success Coaches are contactable by phone, email, our online Help Desk and face-to-face.

As qualified personal trainers themselves, our Learner Success team not only have the skills to help you achieve your personal training qualification but have first-hand knowledge of how to turn that qualification into a thriving career.

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Optional eClasses

Enjoy some real-time face-time with our personal training tutors in daily eClasses conducted live over Zoom.

Created to help you prepare for the various assessments, our eClasses are optional, scheduled Monday to Friday, and you can attend them as often as you’d like.

To help you graduate with confidence and competence, our respected team of tutors will guide you through the various assessments as well as answer any questions you might have.

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Exemplar Assessment Videos and Practice Quizzes

We’ve added an extra layer of support to your personal trainer course. Before performing your own assessments, you can watch our exemplar videos that show you what a successful practical assessment looks like and take practice quizzes to reinforce your theory knowledge, as often as you like.

And to really keep the pressure off, if you don’t nail your assessment on your first try, you can resubmit for free.

Get started today with all of the guidance and support you need to graduate as a standout personal trainer. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Included As Standard

Experience the exceptional with us. Time-saving features and money-saving extras come as standard with your personal trainer course.

Ease and Efficiency

Learn on-the-go and at your convenience with our award-winning e-learning system and mobile app.

Mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop: With our award-winning e-learning system, you have the flexibility to study our fitness courses in the way that suits you best, anytime and anywhere. As soon as you enrol, you can log in through our website or mobile app to access your PT course materials online. And depending on your chosen study option, you can also schedule clinics and assessment days.

Technology is in our DNA. We pioneered e-learning in the UK fitness industry and were the first to introduce a mobile app, enabling you to study our fitness courses on the move. Our digital heritage guarantees a smooth and thorough learning experience, which has earned us the ukactive award for Best Use of Technology in the health and fitness industry.

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Expansive Exercise Libraries

Explore more than 500 exercise and workout videos.

Enrolling on your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ grants you access to 225 exercise videos in our expansive exercise library. The collection features base exercises along with various modifications and progressions, enabling you to design diverse and impactful workout programmes for your clients. You’ll have ongoing access to this exercise library during your personal trainer course and after you graduate.

Enrolling on your Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ provides you with access to our Outdoor Fitness exercise library. This additional resource includes 90 exercise videos showcasing various bodyweight and small equipment exercises suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. You’ll maintain access to this video library for the duration of your personal trainer course and after you graduate with your PT qualification.

Graduating from your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™ will grant you access to more than 170 T3 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, each lasting around 30 minutes. These workouts feature:

  • A 4-minute mobilisation routine
  • Four 5 to 6-minute HIIT routines
  • A 4-minute active recovery routine
  • Programme cards for your clients to monitor their progress

      All exercise libraries are accessed through our mobile app.

      These videos serve as an excellent resource for designing effective workouts to achieve lasting outcomes for your clients.

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Advanced Learning Techniques

Your personal trainer course incorporates innovative learning strategies to help you learn, remember and recall information quickly and easily.

Our personal training courses are based on microlearning concepts; breaking down the subject matter into easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks for better understanding and retention. Clearly defined learning objectives and our unique and distinctive blend of stimuli simplify the learning process and help you build your knowledge base.

Synoptic assessment, also included in our personal training courses, breaks down compartmentalised learning and combines assessments across modules and between subjects. This enables you to transfer knowledge and skills better between subjects and to see how subjects and themes are interconnected.

Our PT courses are designed to meet the practical needs of fitness instructors and personal trainers and are deliberately structured to reflect the real-world path you’ll lead your personal training clients along once you qualify.

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Price Match Promise™

We’re certain we provide the highest quality and best value training in the health and fitness industry. We don’t think you’ll find a better price for a comparable fitness instructor or personal training course that includes the same services. But if you do, we promise to match that price when you enrol with us.

Learn more about our Price Match Promise™

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TRAIN Rewards™

Enjoy savings on future courses when you complete one of our Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™ and join TRAIN Rewards™. As a member of our learning loyalty programme, you’ll learn with us for less.

TRAIN Rewards™ enhances the benefits of ongoing learning and professional development by offering a 10% discount on future courses with us. Learn new skills and save at the same time!

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Start now and enjoy our superior services, unequalled value and exclusive extras. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

Career Opportunities

As your career partner, we’ll help you achieve long term success in a career that makes a difference. This commitment includes our unique Career Concierge® and MentorMe™ services which extend outstanding career support beyond our accredited personal trainer courses.

Career Concierge®

Career Concierge® is a multi-level support system designed to prepare you for and secure career opportunities with leading health clubs and boutique personal training studios; and provide you with access to business startup specialists.

CV Support

If you need help polishing your CV, gearing up for an interview, or landing your big break, we’re here for you.

Start-up Specialists

If you’re planning to start your own business in Newham, we can connect you with specialists in personal trainer insurance, web design, branding, and social media to help you get your new venture off the ground quickly.

Job Board and Guaranteed Interviews

Our exclusive job board features the latest opportunities from premier health clubs and studios across the country. Our AI engine helps you find personal trainer positions that are matched to the fitness courses you’re studying with us or the fitness qualifications you’ve told us you already hold. Just choose the roles you’re interested in and upload your CV.

We can also set up interviews for you with our network of industry partners who provide opportunities for employed positions, independent contractor roles, or a combination of both.


When you graduate from one of our Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™, you can benefit from MentorMe™ – our mentorship programme created for continued skill development and guidance.

MentorMe™ offers access to industry experts dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Created to help refine your skills and focus on success, it offers skill development opportunities, support with navigating career challenges, and a community focused on innovation.

Learn more

The earlier you start, the sooner you qualify, and the quicker you can take advantage of the many benefits offered by our Career Concierge® and MentorMe™ services. Check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

We’re Here to Help

Discover answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, just give us a call.

Are your personal training courses accredited?

They certainly are. When you successfully complete your Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™, you’ll receive your internationally recognised personal trainer qualification from Focus Awards, a leading awarding organisation.

Our personal training courses are also recognised by REPs and CIMSPA.

All personal training courses accredited by CIMSPA through Campus Learning

Are your personal trainer qualifications recognised internationally?

Absolutely. Graduates of our personal trainer courses receive a qualification that’s recognised in numerous countries, including the US, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Ireland, along with many European countries.

How long does it take to become a qualified personal trainer with you?

Our entry-level Practitioner Diploma™ typically takes eight to 12 weeks. If you’re keen to stand out as a personal training expert with one of our Specialist Diplomas™ or Master Diplomas™, expect to spend more time due to the comprehensive and in-depth nature of these personal trainer courses.

Remember, these timelines are just guidelines. We understand that everyone is unique, with different priorities, lifestyles, and aptitudes. Whether you’re an independent self-starter or someone who thrives in a structured setting, we have options to suit your needs.

Check out our Distance study option for maximum flexibility and control of your own schedule. Or, if you prefer sharing ideas with others and like to have a regular schedule, check out our In-Person and Live-Virtual™ study options.

Bottom line? Your journey, your call.

Do you offer guaranteed interviews?

Not only do we offer guaranteed interviews with leading fitness companies once you qualify, importantly, we work with you to find the best path forward. By understanding your preferences, we can help steer you to opportunities and arrange interviews for employed positions, independent contractor roles or a mix of both.

If you you missed it, take a look at out how else we can support you with career opportunities.

Do you offer personal training courses near me in Newham?

Wherever you’re located, we can help you become a personal trainer.

If you prefer a classroom experience with a tutor and fellow students, our In-Person study option is available in well-equipped health clubs nationwide.

If attending classes in person isn’t possible, our Live-Virtual™ option lets you participate in live, tutor-led classes via Zoom from home.

Or, if you can’t accomodate classes at all and need a flexible schedule, our Distance study option allows you to study entirely from home, online.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered.

What payment options do you offer?

We have several payment options for you to choose from. You can pay in full upfront and get a prompt payment discount of up to 20% or choose a payment plan on the regular price with no deposit and no interest options.

If you are a current or former member of the armed services (within five years of leaving), you can apply for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding for any of our personal training courses.

Learn more about ELCAS and our payment plans.

Do you offer online personal trainer courses in Newham?

We’re proud to have pioneered online learning in the UK fitness industry, so the answer is yes – we absolutely provide online personal trainer qualifications. In fact, whatever personal trainer course you enrol on with us, you’ll study the theory portion online.

The main difference between our study options is the way you complete the practical assessments. With our Distance study option, you simply film your practical assessments in a suitably equipped professional fitness environment, such as a health club. Have a look at our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™ for more information.

Our online personal trainer course offers ultimate flexibility and extensive support, providing access to your digital materials whenever you need them. By enrolling on our online personal training course, you benefit from dedicated support throughout your studies, the convenience of studying from home, and a wide range of learning resources, including online lectures and practical training videos. With diverse payment options and the ability to learn at times convenient for you, our online personal training courses cater to your schedule and needs.

Do you have part time personal training courses available in Newham?

We provide part time personal training courses on weekends for our Live-Virtual™ and or In-Person study options.

To find out which personal training course is right for you, check out our Practitioner Diploma™, Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™.

What support is available to me in Newham?

We offer a variety of support systems to ensure your studies are smooth and stress-free. Explore our Support for Success, Included as Standard and Career Opportunities for more information.

Do you provide level 4 personal trainer courses?

A standalone personal training qualification is classified at level 3; however, our Specialist Diplomas™ and Master Diplomas™ include level 4 qualification/s which can enhance both your skills and reputation because of their comprehensive, in-depth content.

For instance, our Master Diplomas™ include the level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer qualification, providing you with advanced skills and knowledge to help you excel in your career. Depending on your choice of Specialist Diploma™ or Master Diploma™, you’ll also receive the additional benefit of extra level 3 and or 4 qualifications.

Can you help me with finding career opportunities or setting up my business in Newham after I graduate?

Absolutely. We offer extensive career support after you graduate. Our exclusive job board can connect you to leading vacancies at top health clubs nationwide. You’ll also benefit from guaranteed interviews through our network of industry partners, whether you’re looking for employment or freelance opportunities. Our MentorMe™ programme offers ongoing mentorship from industry experts to refine your skills post-graduation. Plus, with Career Concierge® you can explore business start-up assistance with ease as we connect you to a panel of specialised advisors. We can even help spruce up your CV and get you prepped for those all-important interviews.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling on your personal trainer courses?

You don’t need any prior fitness qualifications to get started on one of our personal trainer courses. But if you already have a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification, you might be exempt from some parts of the course. Feel free to call us at 0207 2929 140 for more details.

You’ll need a basic understanding of English and Maths to understand the PT course material.

Our personal training courses include physical exercise; and while it’s not required, having trained in a gym can be helpful.

Do you provide free personal training courses in Newham?

While we don’t offer free personal training courses, we ensure our courses are affordable and provide great value for your money. We also offer our Price Match Promise™ and several payment options.

Can I start my own personal training business in Newham when I graduate?

You absolutely can and our accredited personal training qualifications are crucial for anyone wanting to launch a personal training business in Newham. Once you complete your personal training qualification with us, you’ll be recognised internationally as a qualified personal trainer, paving the way for you to start your own business.

Starting a personal training business is an exciting way to turn your passion for fitness into an exciting and rewarding career. The skills and knowledge you gain from our personal trainer course can help you to build a successful personal training business. Our personal training courses provide you with the essential foundation to attract and retain clients, gather client success stories and grow a thriving business in Newham.

What do your PT courses involve?

Our PT courses provide the foundation for a successful fitness career as a personal trainer in Newham and for more detailed information about how we can help you, please check out the information in the main body of this page. But in a nutshell, our personal training courses (PT courses) are designed to educate you on a wide range of subjects including fitness, exercise, nutrition, client assessment and business skills, and prepare you to become a personal trainer, ready to guide clients on their fitness journey.

A personal training career is ideal if you’re passionate about fitness, and enrolling on a personal training course with us, including our online courses, ensures flexibility and comprehensive learning. As a leading provider, we deliver personal training courses that offer exceptional fitness education and career assistance, such as guaranteed interviews with top fitness companies.

Starting your career journey with us is as easy as enrolling on the personal training course you feel is best suited to you and your career goals. After qualifying, graduates can work as personal trainers in gyms, health clubs, and fitness centres, or start their own PT businesses. Personal trainers earn income through the sessions they deliver and the small group training classes they might teach.

So, if helping people make improvements to their life excites you, personal training is an incredibly rewarding career option for you.

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