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We embrace the uniqueness of each student and work with you to help you become the best personal trainer you can be. The Master Diplomas combine the relevant Specialist Diploma with additional level 3 and 4 qualifications, ensuring thorough mastery of your chosen career specialism.

Choose the Master Diploma that’s designed to ensure you become an expert in your chosen field.

Nutrition & Exercise Master Diploma

Dive deeper into the world of nutrition and exercise with our Nutrition & Exercise Master Diploma, which offers you an expanded array of benefits.

In addition to gaining expertise in offering nutritional guidance for weight management and enhanced athletic performance, you’ll also attain level 4 qualifications in obesity, diabetes, and advanced personal training.

Delve into advanced topics, refine your skills, and emerge as a comprehensive expert in the field, equipped to address diverse client needs with confidence and competence.

From £1999 or £67 per month

Women's Health & Exercise Master Diploma

Elevate your expertise in women’s health and exercise with our Women’s Health & Exercise Master Diploma, providing you with an enhanced range of benefits.

Dive deeper into exercise programming, client assessment, and advanced training techniques. Not only will you specialise in training ante and post-natal clients, but you’ll also achieve the level 3 menopause and level 4 advanced personal training qualifications, enabling you to address a broader spectrum of women’s health needs confidently and competently.

From £1999 or £67 per month

Strength & Conditioning Exercise Master Diploma

Enhance your expertise in strength and conditioning with our Strength & Conditioning Exercise Master Diploma, offering you an expanded set of advantages.

You’ll not only gain advanced knowledge and specialized techniques to optimize performance, enhance strength, power, and speed, but you’ll also attain level 4 qualifications in low back pain management and advanced personal training.

This comprehensive training equips you with an even broader skill set to excel in the field of strength and conditioning, enabling you to address a wider range of client needs with confidence and proficiency.

From £1999 or £67 per month