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AI Prompts in Fitness

Learn how to leverage AI to compliment your skills of developing & delivering tailored workouts & nutritional advice for all your clients.

Over 20+ years we’ve helped thousands of people turn their commitment to self improvement and growth into rewarding careers in fitness.

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AI is revolutionising the way we approach work, and the realm of fitness and personal training is no exception to this technological transformation. Embrace the future by staying ahead of the curve with our course, designed to teach you how to harness the power of AI effectively. Learn to use AI prompts to gain insights and create customised workout and nutrition plans, along with motivational advice tailored to the diverse needs of your clients. This course is your gateway to maximising the benefits of AI in fitness, ensuring you provide top-notch, personalised training experiences.

Start with access to:

  • all online course material
  • course podcasts
  • online worksheets
  • our qualified Success Coaches in the Learner Success team

During this training course you will learn:

  • introduction to AI prompts
  • the importance of prompts
  • basic prompt techniques
  • keeping AI prompts clear & concise
  • advanced prompt techniques
  • understanding AI limitations & strengths
  • trouble shooting & refinement
  • practical application for workouts
  • practical application for nutrition
  • evaluating AI responses
  • the future of AI in fitness
  • and much more.
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AI Prompts in Fitness Course Study Options

This course offers the convenience of being completed from the comfort of your home, without any mandatory attendance requirements.

Distance Study

Study from home.

You will:

  • Complete as home study the online course material and worksheets.
  • Complete the Online Theory Assessment consisting of 35 multiple choice questions.
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AI Prompts in Fitness Course Prices

We provide a range of flexible payment methods to suit your needs. Choose our “Pay Monthly” plan to distribute the course fee over 2-6 months, or take advantage of our “Prompt Payment” discount for upfront payments.

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Regular Price From: £249   £17/month. Offer Ends 24th May

Payment plans from 2 to 6 months. Total repayments: £249 £149

Prompt Payment From: £249   £149. Offer Ends 24th May


For more information about the AI Prompts in Fitness course, feel free to give us a call.


The AI Prompts in Fitness course will allow you to register with 10 hours of study with CIMSPA under non-endorsed CPD.


A basic level of English and Math is necessary to understand the AI Prompts in Fitness course content.


Our Learner Success Coaches understand AI Prompts in Fitness and are here to support you through your journey of further education and training.

Reach out via phone, email, or the Helpdesk for any study or administrative inquiries. Each team member, being a trained and experienced in AI Prompts, not only offers course guidance but also shares valuable real-world insights.


Explore a wealth of fitness knowledge, encompassing a wide range of topics in fitness as well as tips for prompting comprehensive programming and training through AI.