Reasonable Adjustments Policy


This policy is based on YMCA Awards' and Active IQs', our primary awarding bodies (AWBs).

As a company Train Fitness International (TFI) acts to encourage open access for learners who are eligible for reasonable adjustments, and/or special considerations during assessments. Any adjustments made need to ensure that the assessment of skills, knowledge, understanding and competence is not compromised.


What is a reasonable adjustment?

A reasonable adjustment relates to an adjustment that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty, which may place the learner at a disadvantage during the assessment process.

It is important that reasonable adjustments do not affect the reliability or validity of assessment and they should not give the learner an advantage over other learners undertaking the same assessment.

Where reasonable adjustments have been applied (see table for a list of examples of common adjustments), the work produced by the learner will be assessed to the same standard as the work of other learners.


Responsibilities of Train Fitness International

Identification of any need for reasonable adjustment should be done as early as possible. Learners have the opportunity on enrolment to indicate if they need any additional support, and if they foresee any difficulties they may have in accessing assessments. Any issues raised will be passed onto the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) team prior to the start of the learners course so they may consult with AWBs to ensure appropriate adjustments are put in place.

Key members of staff will also receive training in awareness of access-related issues. This will be conducted as part of TFI's internal assessor and tutor induction program.

It should be made clear at the outset if the learner is not going to be able to meet all of the criteria. They may still wish to proceed with the programme, but enter for only part of the assessment. In this case TFI will explain to the learner any restriction on progression to other qualifications as a result of not achieving all the criteria. All these decisions will be made with the involvement of the learner.

As a centre TFI will source any assistance needed by the learner (this may be at an additional cost) within the requirements of AWBs. All policies set out by AWBs for reasonable adjustments will be agreed and followed.

The internal appeals procedure is available in all Learner Achievement Portfolios so a learner can appeal any decision not to apply a reasonable adjustment, or if they feel it was not appropriate to their needs.


Vocational qualifications and reasonable adjustments

AWB qualifications are vocational and unless taken under exam conditions (e.g. externally set theory papers, are by nature more flexible in the type of assessment that can be completed to demonstrate competence). Learners may present their evidence in alternative formats.

When making reasonable adjustments TFI will ensure:

  • The reasonable adjustments made provide learners with the opportunity to demonstrate attainment
  • The reasonable adjustments compensate for any disadvantage imposed by the disability but do not otherwise advantage learners
  • Any person using the certificate to identify an individual's competence is not misled regarding the learner's attainments
  • The assessment is both rigorous and fair
  • The assessment activity is valid and may be measured against the national standard
  • The assessment result is reliable
  • The assessment is practically able to operate within available resources, facilities and time

TFI will only reject enrolments on course in circumstances where:

  • The content and delivery of the chosen course of study would prevent the applicant from fulfilling a major part of the requirements of the course and it proves impossible to overcome this difficulty.
  • Admission of the learner may constitute a serious safety hazard that cannot be reasonably overcome

In these instances TFI will facilitate an alternative choice of course or training opportunity and give relevant feedback to the applicant. TFI will not refuse to enrol learners on the grounds that better facilities or support could be provided elsewhere.


      TFI will seek clarification from AWBs in any case where they consider that they do not have the necessary expertise to judge whether a reasonable adjustment is needed and/or how it should be applied.