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Train up and gain the know-how to design and deliver exercise programmes for people with disabilities.

Over 20+ years we’ve helped thousands of people like you turn their passion for helping others into a rewarding, fulfilling career in health and fitness.

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With disability affecting 18% of the UK population, the demand for safe and supportive exercise programmes for disabled clients is rising.

Our Exercise with Disabled Clients course is tailored to teach fitness professionals the skills needed to programme and supervise exercise for disabled people.

In partnership with cAmpus, you can get started on this coruse and have access to:

  • all online course material
  • course videos
  • online worksheets

The content of this exercise for disabilty course includes:

  • Legal and ethical issues surrounding disability
  • Responsibility of the instructor in the context of disability
  • Methods of collecting information relevant to a disabled client
  • Planning and adapting exercise for disabled clients
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The Exercise for Disabled Clients course is supported by a Training and Assessment Pacakge (TAP). If your goal is to work with disabled clients as a professional instructor, you need to successfully complete a TAP.

Once you have enrolled, enjoy instant access to Learner Support and all assessment material.


Home study plus a Virtual viva that you participate in at home.

You will:

  • Complete as home study the online course material, portfolio and a minimum of one practical session with your disabled client.

  • Submit via our Help Desk a copy of your completed portfolio.

  • Book onto and perform a Virtual viva which your disabled client will also attend.
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TAP Prices

After you register, simply choose your preferred option.

Getting started is simple with our easy payment options: pay up front in full and enjoy a prompt payment discount or pay the regular price with with a payment plan.


Study Option

Regular Price From: £399 Offer (Extended) Ends Friday 30th September: £349

From £17 deposit & £8/month

Prompt Payment From: £349 Offer (Extended) Ends Friday 30th September: £299


If you have any questions about our Exercise with Disabled Clients course that aren’t answered here, please call us


You will achieve the relevant Level 3 qualification upon successful completion of our Exercise with Disabled Clients course & associated TAP, the certificate for which will be issued by the awarding organisation.

This course & TAP are also recognised by CIMSPA, and meets the criteria for official American College of Sports Medicine Approved Provider status◊.


A basic level of English and Math is necessary to understand the Exercise with Disabled Clients course content.

As a minimum, you must hold a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing or equivalent.