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Assistant Weightlifting Coach

The role of an assistant weightlifting coach is diverse, aiding in technique instruction, monitoring athletes’ progress and ensuring safety during lifts. You will collaborate on training programme designs and offer motivational and educational guidance.

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Whether you’re looking to assist and instruct in a gym, advance your own weight lifting knowledge, or just start with the basics, this course will be your guide through the world of weightlifting. Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of weight lifting essentials, this course will integrate both theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring you are well-equipped to assist others in their fitness journey.

Start with access to:

  • all online course material
  • course podcasts
  • online worksheets
  • our qualified Weightlifting Success Coaches in the Learner Success team

During this training course you will learn:

  • the role of the assistant weightlifting coach
  • responsibilities of the assistant weightlifting coach
  • skills required by the assistant weightlifting coach
  • common weightlifting terms
  • how to engage with the head coach
  • how to assist with the weightlifting session
  • how to prepare for the weightlifting session
  • the common weightlifting exercises
  • the basics of programming a weightlifting session
  • how to review a weightlifting session
  • and much more.
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Assistant Weightlifting Coach Study Options

This course may conveniently be completed at home. There is no attendance requirement.

Distance Study

Study from home.

You will:

  • Complete as home study the online course material and worksheets.
  • Complete the Online Theory Assessment consisting of 35 multiple choice questions.
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Assistant Weightlifting Coach Course Prices

We offer various easy payment options, including the option to spread the course cost over 2-6 months with “Pay Monthly,” or benefit from our “Prompt Payment” discount.

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To find out more about the Assistant Weightlifting Coach course, just call us.


The Level 1 Coaching Weightlifting certificate will be awarded by Focus Awards.


A basic level of English and Math is necessary to understand the Assistant Weightlifting Coach course content.


Our Learner Success Coaches, composed of qualified Weightlifting Tutors and Assessors, are here to facilitate your education and training.

Reach out via phone, email, or the Helpdesk for any study or administrative inquiries. Each team member, being a trained and experienced Weightlifting Coach, not only offers course guidance but also shares valuable real-world insights.


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