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Become a Personal Trainer


Step 1 to Becoming a personal trainer


Starting a new career can be daunting. Making the decision to do so is the first of a number of decisions you will make before starting your new career. Great personal trainers are energetic and motivated with a real passion for fitness. They thrive on not only achieving their own goals, but also seeing others achieve theirs. If this is you, then personal training is a good career choice for you.


Step 2 to becoming a personal trainer


Once you have made the decision to start your new career, the next step is obtaining the right qualifications. There are a number of questions you should ask a training provider before making your decision on who to go with:

  1. Is the course recognised? Make sure the course will give you a nationally recognised qualification which is issued by an Awarding Body such as YMCA Awards. Only these qualifications will allow you to become a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals, the industry’s self-governing body.
  2. Does the course include the basic qualifications needed to be a personal trainer? To become a personal trainer, there are two basic qualifications you need: the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing Gym and the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training (NB: you do not need to do a level 1 qualification before doing a level 2. You do however need to do the level 2 before you can do the level 3).
  3. What additional qualifications are included? While the two core qualifications are the minimum required to be a personal trainer, to be a great personal trainer you will need additional skills not covered in those qualifications. Many training providers therefore include additional qualifications in their personal training courses. There are differences in the courses offered by different training providers and therefore getting a full list to ensure you get exactly what you want is important.
  4. Does the learning suit your lifestyle? Everyone’s life is different and everyone learns in different ways. If you can get time off work, then an intensive course might be best. If you have to continue work while you study, then maybe a Saturday or distance study option would be better. Find out from your training provider exactly what your commitments will be and then check your schedule to make sure you can fit it all in.
  5. How will you pay for the course? Doing a personal training course is an important investment, so make sure that the payment option you choose fits your budget.
  6. What support will you get? Find out from the training provider what support they offer. A training provider that has multiple support options will give you the greatest flexibility with your learning.


Step 3 to becoming a personal trainer


Once qualified, then you will need to find clients. TRAINFITNESS works with a number of market-leading partners and therefore we can offer graduates a guaranteed* personal training career with Fitness First, DW Fitness, Sports Direct, Gym Box or Lifestyle Fitness. Or, if you want to start your own business outside of the health club environment, we can introduce you to a company called Not In The Gym who offer support for personal trainers running their own business in the great outdoors. They can provide you with the tools you need and help you find clients in your area.


Get Help Becoming a Personal Trainer


With so much information to consider, getting good advice and help with your decisions will make the process of becoming a personal trainer so much easier. Give our friendly, knowledgeable Career Advisors a call on 0800 994 9949 or 0207 2929 140 and start your new career today.

*eligibility criteria applies


Considering Becoming a Personal Trainer


TRAINFITNESS are a leading provider of personal trainer courses offering top quality courses at affordable prices for over 15 years. If becoming a personal trainer is something you're considering please view our course options below. Alternatively you can speak to our team of careers advisors on: 0207 2929 140