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All training companies must complete quality assurance to earn or maintain the right to deliver training. With a wide range of training providers competing for market space the demand for people qualified to quality assure quality is rising. During this course you will learn assessment protocols in detail, how to analyse them and how to provide effective feedback.

You will receive both a YMCA Awards certificate and REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) CPD points.

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Internal Quality Assurance


Internal Quality Assurance



Quality Assurance is a process whereby the quality of products and services an organisation offers is monitored and verified. This course covers the principles and practices of internal quality assurance within the health and fitness sector.

Within the fitness industry, all qualifications and courses must be quality assured from delivery through to assessment. This course will show you how to quality assure assessments and requires you to carry out quality assurance as part of your assessment.

For those of you who have a position as lead quality assurer, you have the option to complete the plan, allocate and monitor work unit. This unit requires you to generate working documents and paperwork and build a portfolio of evidence supporting your role as a lead internal quality assurer.

Within the role of internal quality assurance, you are required to administer and abide by key policies and procedures. This course runs through these policies and procedures and explains how they link to the role of an internal quality assurer.

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Courses Dates


Assessment Dates
Feb 23 - TRAINFITNESS London Mar 10 - Marriott Hotel - Glasgow
Mar 10 - Nuffield Health - Manchester Mar 23 - TRAINFITNESS London
Mar 30 - Venue TBC - Inverness Mar 30 - Venue TBC - Exeter
Mar 30 - Venue TBC - Middlesborough Apr 13 - Bannatyne's Health Club - Edinburgh
Apr 14 - Xercise4Less - Birmingham Apr 27 - TRAINFITNESS London
Apr 28 - Xercise4Less - Leeds May 11 - Venue TBC - Inverness
May 25 - TRAINFITNESS London May 26 - Xercise4Less - Birmingham
Jun 15 - Venue TBC - Nottingham Jun 15 - Fitness First - Bath
Jun 22 - TRAINFITNESS London Jun 23 - Bannatyne's Health Club - Aberdeen
Jun 23 - Venue TBC - Bournemouth Jul 6 - Xercise4Less - Birmingham
Jul 7 - Elite Fitness - Cardiff Jul 7 - Xercise4less - Speke Liverpool
Jul 20 - TRAINFITNESS London Jul 21 - Venue TBC - Exeter
Jul 21 - Venue TBC - Middlesborough Jul 27 - Nuffield Health - Manchester
Jul 27 - Marriott Hotel - Glasgow Aug 11 - Xercise4Less - Leeds
Aug 17 - TRAINFITNESS London Sep 1 - Bannatyne's Health Club - Edinburgh
Sep 22 - Fitness First - Bath Sep 28 - TRAINFITNESS London
Sep 29 - Xercise4Less - Birmingham Oct 19 - Venue TBC - Nottingham
Oct 19 - Venue TBC - Bournemouth Oct 19 - Bannatyne's Health Club - Aberdeen
Oct 26 - TRAINFITNESS London Nov 3 - Marriott Hotel - Glasgow
Nov 3 - Nuffield Health - Manchester Nov 9 - Venue TBC - Middlesborough
Nov 9 - Venue TBC - Inverness Nov 9 - Venue TBC - Exeter
Nov 23 - Elite Fitness - Cardiff Nov 23 - TRAINFITNESS London
Nov 23 - Xercise4less - Speke Liverpool Dec 8 - Xercise4Less - Leeds
Dec 8 - Venue TBC - Bournemouth Dec 15 - Fitness First - Bath


Bookings are subject to availability. Dates, venues, start and finish times are subject to change. Please refer to the Course Terms and Conditions for more information.

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