The possibilities are endless once you qualify as a personal trainer. But getting your qualifications is only the beginning of the journey. A career in health and fitness is rich, diverse and exciting. It is also highly competitive.

To stay relevant and up to date with the industry you will have to continue learning. That’s learning from every client, learning from other PTs, at industry events but also learning through CPDs. CPDs help you stay up-to-date with current fitness trends and help you up-skill as a personal trainer.

Up-skilling as a personal trainer will help you further your career and increase you earning potential as it allows you to offer clients more services, existing and potential. If you are a specialist in certain skills; Exercise Referral, Kettlebells, Ante and Post Natal, for example, you can offer very specific training to niche markets.

Education is development and development is growth. The more you grow, the more you can offer. Here are some excellent CPD options

Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting is a technically difficult, but incredibly effective training method. Learning this CPD course will give you the knowledge and skills to effectively add these to client sessions. Clean and jerks and snatches are full body movements, ideal for sportsmen and individuals looking see overall improvements in their strength and fitness.

Advanced CPD Course Trainfitness


Padwork training is a great way to get clients moving, get their heart rate up and offers a fun approach to training. Clients don’t need any sort of boxing experience to enjoy the benefits. With the CPD course in padwork you will learn all about the fundamentals of striking, footwork and how to introduce clients to padwork sessions. Some benefits of padwork sessions include; improved strength, hand eye coordination, stress relief.


Variety is vital when working with clients. You don’t want to go overboard with exercise selection (shoulder press on a bosu ball….no thank you) But you do want to have a good selection of exercises available to tackle the specific goal. Kettlebells add a lot of variety to sessions and can keep things interesting and add new challenges, without detracting from the client’s goal. Overall strength and conditioning will be challenged, with improvements in grip strength and functional strength.

Suspension Fitness

Suspension training can add another level to client training, by offering more variety and a new stimulus. What’s great about suspension training is that it requires little space and only a suspension trainer. Suspension training can help with; core strength, flexibility and mobility, balance and much more.

Advanced Stretching

Stretching should absolutely play a part in any well-designed fitness programme. Warming up, warming down, mobilising, range of movement, activation – whatever it is understanding the mechanics of the human body and then working on stretches will help you to stay injury free, improve your strength and posture and has a myriad of other benefits. Our course will teach you all about the types of stretching, how to programme, utilising equipment and much more

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