If you’re looking for software or an app to help track clients, give them easy access to routines, nutrition plans, instructional videos and more, then there are a few options that you could utilise.

Whatever your business model; fully online, blended online and face to face or fully face to face, there’s an option for you.

When looking at software you should determine what you need it for, what your budget is and what other features you might need. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can get yourself a free trial and test those features.

What you should expect from software

The ultimate goal is to be able to move away from endless spreadsheets, notes on post-it notes and half remembered conversations with clients.

The software should be there for you to streamline your process and make life (and tracking clients) a whole lot easier. There are loads of extras you could have, but the basics you should be getting are:

  • Workout templates (that you can create)
  • Exercise videos
  • Ability for clients to upload date (weights, reps etc)
  • Track clients progress
  • Send messages and information
  • Create exercise videos
  • House all the information for all your clients under one roof

Some bonus things that you would expect (no matter the fee you pay)

  • Responsive and friendly customer service
  • Easy to navigate design
  • Assistance setting up the app

Which Online Software is for you?

These are some of the more popular choices, so please do shop around and feel free to let us know if you there is another option out there that has worked well for you!

We’ve picked some of the most popular products out there. Products that offer the most features, have a range of price points and have the best reviews.

Use this guide as a starting point to find the right personal training management software for you. Also, feel free to let us know if you there is another option out there that have worked well for you!

PT Distinction Personal Training

PT Distinction


PT Distinction is an award winning, top rated app. It has a free trial and comes in at $19.90 a month for a basic package.

In terms of features, PT Distinction has a lot to offer. You can have a fully branded personal training page with them, can create fully bespoke templates and tracking documents which match your ethos and fitness philosophy.

When it comes to coaching, it has a rapid-fire way of creating workouts, has a huge exercise library with videos and has some cool options like; photo food diary, tracking systems, chat system and it integrates well with other apps.

PT Distinction is one of the most complete tools for tracking and managing your clients.

Personal Trainer True Coach



TrueCoach is aimed squarely at freelancers and personal trainers operating on their own, although it does have the capacity for teams.

As with other online providers, you can fully customise with your logos and business theme. You can also design bespoke programmes and TrueCoach has a massive video database you can use to help train your clients.

The dashboard has been designed for clarity, you can quickly see where your clients are at with their programme cycle, so you can easily stay on top of their progress.

Interestingly, you can drill down into a bit more nutritional detail by assigning macro goals to clients, you can also set different macros for different days, depending on what training you have programmed for them.

Overall, TrueCoach is an easy to use option to track client progress. It comes with a 14-day free trial and starts at $19 pcm

Personal Training Trainerize



Trainerize is great for those looking to have all the information they need in one easily accessible place. The interface is easy to navigate, and it works with a lot of other apps to help keep everything in one place.

It’s a great option for those with online coaching clients, but it also works well with gym or boutique studio owners too.

The software acts in the same way as others, with messaging, goal setting, workouts, nutrition tracking. It’s also compatible with Fitbit, which means you can pull data from there too. With MyFitnessPal connectivity you can track nutrition and macros.

Perhaps most interesting to some personal trainers and fitness professionals is the ability to take payments through Trainerize, and the connectivity with Stripe and Paypal.

PT Minder Personal Trainer

PT Minder


PT Minder is aimed at both individual personal trainers and studio owners. It offers tracking, nutrition, workout planning and assessments in the app. It also has a calendar, which helps you to track your appointments, classes and sessions.

There’s good payment integration too with Stripe, PayPal, GoCardless and PaySmart.

A standout feature is the online booking system which enables clients to have the freedom to book their own sessions and pay for appointments via their app.

On top of this, you can brand mobile apps, giving a professional look and there is a sliding pricing plan in place, starting at $50 pcm and 50 client allowance, which increases as you sign more clients.

Total Coaching Personal Trainer

Total Coaching


A very user-friendly online coaching solution for personal trainers. This is a good app for any fitness professional looking for meal and session planning and can be particularly helpful to clients with lesser training knowledge and history.

With Total Coaching, you can track clients progress, produce plans and nutrition guides. On top of this you can track micronutrients as well as macronutrients along side water intake, giving a wider view of a clients nutrition.

There are some very handy features for clients such as the bank of over 1000 animated exercises. If the exercise you’ve assigned isn’t in the bank, you can film and share your own version with clients.

We like the ability to create your own graphs- tracking aspects of a clients training as well as the integration into your own website.

Prices vary but start at $14pcm and go up to $65 pcm for the pro package.

Any one of these systems could work for you and your business. We recommend you sign up to the free trials, test the software on yourself, clients or even friends and family (if you don’t already have clients)

Once you have spent some time with each of them, you can make an informed decision and purchase the software that best fits your needs.

Or, you can stick to excel/google spreadsheets, whatever works for you


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