The study “Electromyographic activation and performance analysis during three sets of bicep curl exercises among untrained women” provides crucial insights into how novice female trainees respond to one of the most fundamental resistance training exercises. This article aims to translate the study’s findings into practical applications for personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches, offering strategies to enhance training outcomes for their novice female clients.

Study Overview

The research focused on the electromyographic (EMG) activation of the biceps brachii during bicep curls, specifically across three sets, in untrained women. This approach allowed for an analysis of muscle activation patterns and performance changes, offering a window into how novice exercisers adapt to resistance training over multiple sets.

Key Findings

The results indicated varied EMG activation across the sets, highlighting how muscle activation, fatigue, and endurance evolve within a single training session. These findings underscore the need for tailored training volumes and intensities to accommodate these fluctuations, particularly in novice female lifters.

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Practical Applications

Adjusting Volume and Intensity

Personal trainers and coaches should consider these variations by implementing progressive overload with a focus on gradual increases in intensity. This strategy helps in maximising muscle engagement while reducing the risk of injury or overtraining.

Monitoring Fatigue and Form

The study emphasises the importance of monitoring for signs of muscle fatigue and maintaining strict form throughout the exercise. Adjusting training variables such as rest periods between sets and emphasising technique over weight can help in maintaining effective engagement of the biceps brachii.

Individualised Training Programmes

Given the individual differences in EMG responses, initial assessments to gauge a client’s baseline capabilities can inform more personalised training programmes. Tailoring the approach to fit each client’s unique strength and endurance levels can significantly improve training effectiveness and safety.

This study offers valuable insights for enhancing resistance training protocols, especially for untrained women. By incorporating these findings, coaches and trainers can develop more effective, safe, and personalised training programmes that cater to the needs of novice female clients, fostering better engagement and results from bicep curl exercises.


M Janep, MZ Marsal, NFA Malek, ELY Lee. (2024). “Electromyographic activation and performance analysis during three sets of bicep curl exercises among untrained women.” AIP Conference Proceedings, 2750(1). Click here to review the full research article.

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