As personal trainers we are in the business of goal achievement, we are there to help our clients to get to their health and fitness goals. But do you go that extra mile to help them in ways that they do not expect? Do you provide the wow factor?

Now the wow can come in many places, here are some of the strategies I have previously used and you can try to help wow your clients:-

Hit the basics there are so many personal trainers who don’t do the basics, make sure you do! Make sure you turn up to your sessions before time, prepared, looking smart, basically ready to go! Get your clients to their goals and provide the service that you say you will in your marketing. Sadly if you don’t hit these basics your clients will not be around long enough to be wowed!!

Go above and beyond – as a personal trainer we get used to offering the same level of service as all the others in the gym… however I say you should have a higher level of service! This does not have to be difficult, one of the little things I do is that I always have a bottle of water and a sweat towel for my clients at the start of a session, it has removed something they need to think about. Small things like this can set you apart from the pack.

Remember life events – things like knowing when your clients birthdays are, and giving them a card or wishing them a happy birthday, sending hand written and meaningful Christmas cards all add to the value. Remembering when they tell you something major is happening in their life and then remembering to ask about it later. These things help to show your clients that you take a real interest in them as a person and do not just see them as a walking cash payout!

Recognise achievement – this can be as little as during your feedback at the end of a session giving the client some meaningful and positive encouragement. Remember the journey so if you have had a client who has hit 10 press ups for the first time, celebrate that and then also remind the client of how far they have come. Most importantly this should be genuine, you should genuinely be proud and happy for the client… if it is forced it will show through.

Unexpected acts of kindness – this is probably one of the most powerful tools to use, do you go out of your way to help your clients. Smaller things can be a text to say that after reflecting on your day you were proud of the session. You might see an article that may inspire and be of interest to a client, send it to them or text them a link to it. You might send them a thanks you card with a treat for being a great client, now you don’t have to spend millions, it is the thought that counts after all. But if you have a film buff a thank you card for a referral or a well done card with a couple of cinema vouchers enclosed can really connect with a client. Make sure whatever you use as a treat is something the genuinely enjoy.. know your clients!

Now some of you may be asking why wow your clients, why spend a little cash on them, why use my time… well simple, happy clients who feel special tend to be more likely to be repeat users of your service but most of all they become your tribe… your fan club… your marketing team. So out to day and in any small way you can try and wow your clients.