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Hannah Tyldesley

Interview With Lyndon Longhorne

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Hannah Tyldesley


General Group Exercise, Nutrition, Personal Training

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6 July 2015

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Interview With Lyndon Longhorne

Starting our Saturday study PT Certificate in Manchester on the 20th of June

Why have you chosen to do your course with FIE?

I decided to do my course with FIE as they are really flexible with my training and they have said that they will work around my swimming the best they can to help made pass the course, whereas a lot of other companies said they couldn’t be as flexible as FIE.

How will achieving the qualification most benefit you?

Achieving the qualification will benefit me in many ways! Firstly I will be able to achieve one of my goals of becoming a PT and go on to encourage other disability people or athletes to get more involved in becoming active.

Other than the qualification itself, what do you hope to get out of the course?

I hope to gain a lot of knowledge and experience off others, so that I can build this further and develop my skills as a PT and put them into practice when instructing others in and around a gym environment!

What are you most looking forwards to about the course?

I am really looking forward to bonding with the FIE staff and meeting new people on the course so that I can help others along the way and they could maybe help me out if I get stuck with an activity.

What do you think you will struggle with most?

Honestly, I’m not really sure what I will struggle with as I’m always positive and find ways round a certain activity so that I can explain it clearly. However, if something does become difficult then I will come across this when on the course.

How do you plan on managing fitting everything in, training, studying etc?

I will put together a timetable so that I know when I am training and when I am doing my course work for FIE as this was something that I had put into place when starting university, and I must say it helped me out a lot.

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