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What to Look For in a Personal Training Course Provider

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9 May 2017

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As someone looking to become a personal trainer, a quick internet search will show you dozens of training providers offering an array of personal trainer courses. You’re spoilt for choice…or are you? Here are three things you should look out for before you decide on a training provider to study with.

1. How long have they delivered personal trainer courses?

What makes you more comfortable, studying with a company that’s delivered personal trainer courses for 2 years or 12?

We’ve delivered personal trainer courses for 17 years and have trained thousands of people just like you. You can read what some of them have to say about their experience with us here.

2. Do the personal trainer courses they deliver lead to a REPs-recognised qualification?

Training providers deliver courses. These courses can lead to a qualification. For a qualification to be recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), it must meet certain criteria and be designed and awarded by an awarding organisation. There are a few these awarding organisations, perhaps chief amongst them in the active leisure sector is YMCA Awards and Active IQ. Training providers will normally advertise on their websites which awarding organisations approve them to deliver the personal trainer courses they offer. Despite this, you should call the awarding organisation directly and confirm that the training provider you’re looking at is approved by them. You can call YMCA Awards on 0207 343 1800 and Active IQ on 0845 688 1278.

We’re an approved centre for both. Our YMCA Awards training provider number is EDF025 and our Active IQ training provider number is 0045.

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3. Are they authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

If you’re looking to pay for your personal trainer course via a payment plan, the training provider must be authorised by the FCA to offer you a payment plan with charges or interest. A training provide must also be authorised by the FCA if the payment plan is repayable over more than 12 months or by more than 12 instalments. You can find out if a training provider is authorised by the FCA here

A company that is authorised by the FCA must display its FCA registration number on its website, emails and letterhead.

We’re authorised and regulated by the FCA under registration number 628699. You can find our registration details right now on the Financial Services Register above and in the footer of each of our web pages.

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