I first became aware of TRAINFITNESS back in 2009 after qualifying as a Zumba Instructor and looking to further my knowledge in the industry. I’d researched many different providers and TRAINFITNESS seemed to be the most competitive in price, and the most impressive in course.

Not long after I became pregnant with my daughter and so my plans of becoming a Fitness Instructor were put on hold temporarily! Fast Forward to 2012 and I finally bit the bullet and signed up to do my ETM.

One of the things that attracted me to TRAINFITNESS was the option to study from home. At the time I had a two year old daughter and as a stay at home mum (I taught Zumba in the evenings three times per week), I had very little time to myself!

I was able to study from pretty much anywhere with the iPad and iPhone applications, proving an absolute god send as I did a lot of studying in the bath after class!

I booked all of my assessments for the same day (I must have been crazy!) with my theory papers in the morning and my practical in the afternoon at Bannatynes in Birmingham.

Kashy was my assessor on that day and despite the amount of nerves suffered, I somehow managed to ace my practical assessment and portfolio!

I had great feedback from Kashy and whilst we were going through my evaluation I happened to mention that I had my PTTLs qualification. Following this she told me to look at the Assessors course as she felt I would be a good fit for this career.

I felt inspired by Kashy and so held onto that thought of becoming an assessor as I celebrated becoming a Fitness Instructor all whilst deciding what my next step would be!

Its now 2016 and I recently had the pleasure of bumping into Kashy once again as she was the Internal Verifier on my Gym Level 2 assessment!

I told her she had inspired me that day to push forward with my Fitness Career to land the position I hold today. I now manage a team of 11 multi skilled instructors who are continuously developed by me.

Some already have their ETM, some are currently studying with TRAINFITNESS and others are due to sign up for courses this year!

I’m currently running a number of classes across Birmingham and the West Midlands (taught by myself and my team), whilst continuing to train and develop my organization.

I am now Pre/Post Natal qualified, I have my Children’s Level 2 and my Gym Level 2 qualifications and I am currently studying to become a PT with Train Fitness. I’m also doing my Exercise Referral course at the same time so, yes I am still crazy!

Once those courses are completed, I will be signing up to my Assessors course with TRAINFITNESS and I look forward to working alongside Kashy in the future!