Why Small Group Training?

By Tom Godwin


Small Group Training (SGT) is also known as semi-private training and usually consists of 2–10 participants. It is rapidly becoming one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry, showing an increase in its popularity over the last 5 years.


So why is SGT so popular?


1.       Economy

For those wanting support with their exercise regime but unable to afford one-to-one sessions, small group sessions are ideal as they are cheaper but have the benefit of some one-to-one instruction and motivation.


2.       Adherence

As with one-to-one sessions, if people have paid upfront for their sessions, they are more likely to attend. And with any pre-booked session, there is the feeling of not letting the team down.


3.       Social

People love to exercise together, either with a buddy or in a group.


4.       Peer motivation

Training with others adds to the extrinsic motivation felt.




What are the benefits of SGT?


1.       Motivation

Having someone to exercise with pushes people a little harder and to do more than they would on their own.


2.       Support

With a trainer, even in a group dynamic, workouts will change/evolve as people progress, preventing hitting a plateau and boredom.


3.       Variety

Far too often, trainers get too attached to their methodologies, and any criticism of these feels like an attack on them personally. If the information you’re passing on to a client is your belief, acknowledge that. Likewise, if it’s well supported by research, advise them of that too. More and more, trainers are presenting their opinions as fact and forcing their preferences on clients. If your faith in your beliefs is just that, faith, you have a professional responsibility to communicate that to your clients.  


4.       Greater focus

Even in a group, a trainer will keep everyone to time and watch every move.


5.       Personal attention

While the instructor will have a group to oversee, they will still have some individual time with each participant.


6.       More economical

SGT fits into many people’s budget better, still giving them the attention they need.


7.       Fun

An exercise programme done with friends can definitely be more fun than alone.


8.       Adherence

Research shows that members that are involved in group programmes are more likely stick with it.


9.       Confidence

With a trainer to give guidance and instructions, people become more comfortable and confident with their abilities, and what their bodies can do.


10.       You will get results.

The coach will keep you on track. Your group will keep you on track. The bottom line is your life will change, and you will get results.