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Different sports and activities come with very different and often very specific physical requirements. The course in sports conditioning will give you the tools to break a sport or activity down, analyse it's components and train with specificity in improving them. Completing this course will leave you in good stead to train sports men and women, but is also highly useful if any of your regular PT clients do sport too e.g. Golf, Badminton or even 5-a-side football. Help your clients get the best out of their experience and deliver clear, significant results.

Upon completion, you will receive 16 CPD points for your Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) re-registration and a certificate from YMCA Awards.

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Sports Conditioning Course


Sports Conditioning Course



To be able to programme exercise to a specific sport it certainly helps to be familiar with that sport before hand. During this section you will learn how to collect information from any sport to gain detailed understanding of it's physical requirements.

Once you understand the requirements of a sport or activity you must be able to collect information about how the applies to your client specifically. What are their weaknesses, what elements need focus to improve their performance?

Most sports and activities are very different. Rather than teach you the ins and outs of particular sports we will provide you with the tools to break down any sporting activity yourself in a sensible, methodical and effective manner.

There are a number of factors that can affect conditioning plans for sports men and women such as their training frequency. During this section a number of the common factors are covered in detail with information about how to create an effective solution.