In the realm of athletic training and recovery, a groundbreaking study titled “Athletes’ Performance Increasing Techniques Through Application of Aesthetics Procedures” has emerged, authored by a team of researchers: E Sfyri, N Tertipi, F Biskanaki, E Andreou, and D Chaniotis. Published in 2024, this research delves into the effectiveness of various post-exercise recovery strategies, particularly focusing on massage, sauna, and cryotherapy, and their collective impact on sustaining athlete performance over extended periods.

Study Overview

The primary aim of the study was to explore and validate recovery techniques that could expedite the post-exercise recovery process. With the athletic world constantly seeking methods to enhance recovery and maintain peak performance, the researchers embarked on this journey to assess the roles of massage, sauna, and cryotherapy—aesthetic procedures often regarded for their therapeutic benefits.


The research employed a comprehensive approach, examining the physiological and psychological effects of the mentioned recovery strategies on athletes across different sports disciplines. The study involved a comparative analysis to measure the effectiveness of each technique in reducing recovery time and improving performance metrics.

Findings and Conclusions

The research concluded that aesthetic recovery procedures, including massage, sauna sessions, and cryotherapy, significantly contribute to reducing recovery times, alleviating muscle soreness, and enhancing overall athletic performance. These techniques were found to not only assist in the physical recuperation of athletes but also to promote psychological wellbeing—a crucial factor in athletic training and competition readiness.

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Practical Applications for Fitness Professionals

For fitness professionals working with athletes or clients dedicated to intense physical activities, the insights from this study are invaluable. Implementing these recovery strategies can offer a competitive edge, ensuring athletes return to their training regimes faster and with improved mental and physical readiness. Here are practical tips for integrating these findings into your training programmes:

  • Incorporate Massage: Post-training massage sessions can help alleviate muscle tension and foster quicker recovery. Consider scheduling regular massage sessions for your athletes, focusing on areas most affected by their specific sports.
  • Utilise Sauna: Encourage routine sauna use, particularly after intense training sessions. The heat can aid in muscle relaxation and elimination of toxins, contributing to faster recovery times.
  • Cryotherapy Sessions: Implement cryotherapy as part of the recovery protocol, especially for athletes prone to inflammation and soreness. The cold therapy can significantly reduce recovery periods, allowing for more intense and frequent training sessions.
  • Holistic Recovery Approach: Advocate for a balanced recovery plan that incorporates physical, psychological, and nutritional strategies to optimise performance.

“Athletes’ Performance Increasing Techniques Through Application of Aesthetics Procedures” sheds light on the pivotal role of recovery in sustaining athletic performance. By embracing these evidence-based recovery techniques, fitness professionals can enhance their athletes’ training outcomes and contribute to their long-term success in sports.


E Sfyri, N Tertipi, F Biskanaki, E Andreou, D Chaniotis (2024). Athletes’ Performance Increasing Techniques Through Application of Aesthetics Procedures. Click here to review the full research article.

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