Pioneering research “The Influence of Co-Creation on Trust and Loyalty in Personal Trainer Services” was published on 1st November 2022 and stressed the significance of co-creation within the personal training industry. This article elaborates on the findings of the study and relates useful insights to personal trainers for enhancing the retention of clients through co-creation strategies.

Understanding Co-Creation

Co-creation, in the definition of a co-creation service, is an active involvement of the customer in the process of delivering service that creates a sense of value for that service. This concept has been picked upon across different sectors, and this includes health and fitness. In the personal training context, co-creation is the creation of an approach whereby trainers and clients collaborate in developing and implementing fitness regimes.

Main Findings from Study

Positive Impact on Trust and Loyalty: With 120 respondents, the study employed Structural Equation Modelling in testing its conceptual model. It was found that co-creation significantly enhanced trust and loyalty between trainers and prospects.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Customers in a co-creative set up reported higher satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Service Innovation: Through co-creation, services can evolve a unique model under the marketing banner of Service-Dominant Logic, shifting services from transaction-based to collaborative and experience-focused.

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How to Plan with Clients

  • Customise Workout Plans: Involve your client in the designing process for workout plans that include their preferences, reservations, and goals. This creates a sense of ownership and enthusiasm towards the fitness regime.
  • Regular Feedback and Adjustment: Solicit regular feedback from your clients and adjust training programmes as necessary. This iterative process keeps clients engaged and demonstrates the trainer’s dedication to their success.
  • Acknowledge and Celebrate Milestones: Verbally acknowledge and celebrate milestones or improvements achieved, however little they might be. This kind of acknowledgement reinforces collective effort and instils motivation in the client to keep on.

The study emphasises the transformative impact of cocreation in the establishment of trust and loyalty within the personal trainer-client relationship. Using a model of cocreation, personal trainers can experience comparatively increased levels of customer satisfaction, rates of client retention, while at the same time creating more efficient training experiences.


  1. Wellington Andrades da Silva, Marcelo Curth, Gustavo Roese Sanfelice, Vera Pedragosa. The Influence of Co-Creation on Trust and Loyalty in Personal Trainer Services. Intercontinental Journal of Sport Management 2022 Click here to review the full research article.

Integrate Co-creation as a Personal Trainer

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