We interviewed Steph Elswood after she completed her personal training course with TRAINFITNESS

We were lucky enough to get a little bit of time with former student Steph Elswood. She gave us some insight into her time on the course, and what she thinks it takes to be a great PT.

What made you want to become a personal trainer?

I post a lot of fitness videos on my youtube channel and Instagram. I wanted to be accountable and qualified for the information I was giving out. I wanted to expand my knowledge and be more helpful to my followers. I was being asked to train groups with big brands and companies. I wanted to make sure I have a PT qualification to do so. I also want to be better at training myself too. I wanted to be able to mix up my trainer, push myself and challenge myself more.

What do you think you bring as a personal trainer that is different/makes you stand out?

I have a background in dancing and trained professionally for 6 years. I incorporate elements and movement that may be different to other trainers and can also specialise in training dancers I know what they need to perform better.

What do you think makes a great personal trainer?

I am happy, positive and encouraging. I can make my clients laugh when they are resting to make the sessions seem fun. I always reinforce that exercising should be enjoyable and not a punishment.

Interview with former Personal Training student Steph Elswood

How did you get into the world of health and fitness?

I have always been active from a young age. During my dance training I suffered with an eating disorder. I fell into the world of health and fitness totally by accident and discovered my love for it whilst I was in recovery.

What would your advice be to someone considering becoming a personal trainer?

Be prepared to commit to it from the beginning. Have an idea of the type of personal trainer you want to be and have a basic understanding of the gym and exercises.

Who’s your fitspiration and why?

Alexia Clark. She is the QUEEN of workouts! She is a beautiful, strong woman that encourages others to get moving. She is so creative and I think her workouts are incredible. She practices what she preaches and looks amazing for it.

Never leave the house without?

My phone and a bottle of water.

What’s your favourite type of workout?

I love a heavy leg day or a full body circuit. I do a lot of travelling so when I’m away, I set a timer for 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. I then alternate with upper body, lower body, core and cardio exercises.

Final thought on the course and your time at TRAINFITNESS

It was so nice to be in an environment with like-minded people that have similar goals and values to my own. The training was intense. I learnt a lot from my tutor but also from the other students. Everyone had such a diverse way and views and I loved learning how other people enjoyed training

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