What is Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling sometimes known as “spinning” is a form of group exercise typically with classes of 15-20 people. These classes are generally set to music, moving to the beat/rhythm of the selected playlist. They are tough and will get your heart rate up and are an excellent addition to a healthy living lifestyle.

Participants don’t need to have natural rhythm to take part in spinning classes, they aren’t exercise to music classes. The music is normally used to signal when there will be a change of pace or change of position on the bike.

A qualified fitness professional, who has completed a recognised indoor cycling instructor course will lead the spinning class. Participants will ride whilst standing and sitting. During a class, participants will be sprinting and going at a steady pace. There will also be changes in the resistance to the pedals making this an extremely effective type of training session.

Indoor cycling is a great way for certified personal trainers to increase their potential earnings, given how accessible it is to the fitness and wider community. While it is hard, indoor cycling is scalable, those taking part can ease off when they need to, keep the resistance low and can work around injuries or impingements.

There are also several spinning classes in fitness clubs and dedicated cycling studios making it easier to find somewhere to get additional work.

While much depends on the energy of spinning instructors, indoor cycling classes are fun and group orientated. Get it right and you could have participants coming back every week, which means more revenue for you.

What does it take to be an indoor cycling instructor?


The primary role of spinning instructors is to engage with the audience and to inspire them to work harder, to push themselves beyond their usual limits.

Spinning instructors do this with encouragement, banter, high energy and lots of passion. The more you love what you are doing, the more that will directly impact the energy levels of your class. If you’re flat, disinterested and lacking energy your spinning class will be less interesting to punters.

Be loud, be fun and keep it encouraging. Make sure to pay attention to everyone, the fit, the regulars and those coming back to fitness or just starting out, they all require a bit of trainer love and encouragement. Show your passion and your classes will always come back for more.

A love of music

Much of an indoor cycling class is based on music. Classes aren’t completed to the beat of the music, but the music is used to signal changes and prepare participants for the next challenge. More, music is used to keep the energy levels high, if you have a high tempo, pumping soundtrack, you are more likely to get the most out of your class participants.

As your music choices are going to be very important, you will need to have a variety of tracks. Variation is key to a successful cycling class. You can buy indoor cycling playlists specifically designed for the job!

Learn about our indoor cycling instructor training

The bike is your friend

As an indoor cycling instructor, it really does help if you enjoy being on the bike. Sure, you can be completely practical about it and run a cycling class just to supplement your income but having a love of riding will help get the best out of you and your participants.

It’s going to make it a lot easier in the long run if you are comfortable on a bike, in front of a group, delivering spinning classes day after day.

It will also help immensely if you have good technique and levels of fitness too.

Becoming an indoor cycling instructor

To become an indoor cycling, you’ll hold either a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym-based Exercise or Exercise to Music), or a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. These will give you the practical skills and choreography skills required to successfully run a group indoor cycling class.

Our group indoor cycling course has been designed to offer you the skills needed to plan and deliver varied, fun and effective indoor cycling classes.

On the course you will cover training methods for group indoor cycling, class structure, design, adaptation and progression. You will also cover riding techniques.

Study the training methods and riding techniques, class structure, adaptations and progressions, as well as planning to assess and minimise risk.

The cycle instructor course is delivered part time. You will work through the online learning and then complete a combined training and assessment day.

What next

Once you have completed your indoor cycling course you have various options. If you are already a personal trainer you could offer to run spinning classes in your gym. You can also look to work at a studio that offers indoor cycling.

If you are looking to add more skills and want to offer more, you could look at a yoga instructor course. If you are a fitness instructor, you could do your personal training course. The options available to you are varied and will allow you to carve a niche for yourself in the growing health and fitness sector.

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