Want to learn how to be a personal trainer? Read the case study from TRAINFITNESS featuring our recently qualified PT Ashley Fry.

Why did you want to do become a qualified personal trainer?

I’m a graduate Sports Therapist, my sports therapy degree covered rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. However, a lot of the degree was theoretical and the practical side was lacking. So I decided to learn how to be a personal trainer with TRAINFITNESS, which gave me a real insight into the practical elements of training which has had a massive impact on my Strength & Conditioning knowledge.

It also helped me with my communication skills which transfers nicely to rehab work. Being a personal trainer also happens to be a very credible and rewarding job!

What made you look for a scholarship?

I went to university later than my class mates due to wanting to help my mother with the finances at home. I did a three-year advanced apprenticeship at O2 head office in Slough when I was 18 and worked for a year in their security team. Although the money was great, when I turned 22 and I had helped as much as I could at home I decided it was time to chase my dream of becoming a sports therapist and trainer.

Money has always been very tight in my family so without this scholarship I would not have been able to pursue the dream of becoming a personal trainer. PT courses can be very expensive for those without the finances, making it extremely difficult to become qualified through a reputable company. It is thanks to TRAINFITNESS that I could get on a course and chase the dream!

Where did you hear about the TRAINFITNESS Scholarship?

After googling and considering personal trainer courses, TRAINFITNESS came up during one of my searches. It stated on the site that only 4 people are fortunate enough to receive the opportunity and you do think “it’ll never be me!” but as they say, you have to be in it to win it!

Tell us about your time on the course?

Learn how to be a personal trainer

The course I did was the part time Saturday in Dudley, Birmingham. It was a 12-week course. Everyone on the course varied in age came from different backgrounds, everyone had a different story to tell, which made the course a very fun and enjoyable environment to be in.

Our teacher Hannah made the course as smooth and enjoyable as possible, there was a lot of banter and laughter. We worked hard but had a lot of fun doing it. Saturdays flew by. There wasn’t a week where I had a negative moment or found myself not enjoying the course.

The course had an excellent split of classroom theory and practical sessions in the gym which broke up the days nicely.

My favourite part of the course was during the final weeks, we did some tests which involved treadmills and push ups. The competitiveness was at an all-time high, and we laughed the whole way through, except after it took us 30 minutes to get up off the floor after the tests were over.

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What have you been up to since you qualified as a PT?

I now work in a dual role as a Sports Therapist and a Personal Trainer at ShapeShifters, a personal training studio in Selly Oak. We specialise in body transformations and I was fortunate enough to be head hunted for the job, which I believe was largely down to having completed this scholarship.

My day is split into assessing injuries, performing movement screens, and personal training our clients. The TRAINFITNESS course has made my confidence skyrocket and I feel that I am a better person for having completed it.

What’s next for you?

I am slowly building up my own brand with 2 colleagues called Physical Performance Therapy which we hope in the future will really take off. We regularly put out content on social media ranging from training tutorials and rehab exercises, to treatment advice and techniques. Give us a follow, maybe we have posted something that can help you!

Why would you recommend TRAINFITNESS to others?

Absolutely, without hesitation. The staff, the course, the support, everything I experienced was excellent. It’s a shame there aren’t more opportunities like the TRAINFITNESS scholarship out there!

Great online content that is easily accessible, great tutors, great blend of theory and practical, just a great all-round experience.


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