In the ever-evolving landscape of distance education, understanding how different courseware formats impact student performance is crucial. A groundbreaking study titled “Educational Technology Undergraduates’ Performance in a Distance Learning Course Using Three Courseware Formats” by O. Falode and Ibrahim Abba Mohammed, published on December 5, 2023, sheds light on this very topic. This article aims to translate the findings of this study into practical tips for learners enrolled in distance study fitness courses.

Key Findings of the Study

The study meticulously compared the effects of three different courseware formats – printed, video, and Learning Management System (LMS)-based learning such as Moodle or cAmpus – on learners’ achievement, retention, and satisfaction. The results indicated significant differences in achievement and satisfaction scores among these formats, underscoring the importance of aligning courseware with individual learning preferences.

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Applying the Study’s Insights to Enhance Your Learning Experience

  1. Embrace Diverse Learning Materials: As the study suggests, different formats cater to various learning styles. For visual learners, video content can be more engaging and easier to grasp. In contrast, printed materials may better suit those who prefer reading and taking notes. LMS-based resources offer interactive and flexible learning, beneficial for those who enjoy a mix of visual and textual content.
  2. Personalise Your Study Approach: Reflect on what type of content makes you feel most engaged and confident. If you find yourself easily remembering information from videos, incorporate more video-based materials into your study routine. Alternatively, if you prefer the tactile aspect of reading and highlighting text, ensure that your study plan includes a significant portion of printed materials. Many TRAINFITNESS courses include both printed versions of the course material, as well as extensive video content.
  3. Utilise the LMS for Interactive Learning: The study highlights the effectiveness of LMS-based courseware. LMS platforms such as cAmpus often include forums, quizzes, and interactive modules that can enhance your understanding and retention of fitness concepts. Engage actively with these resources to deepen your learning experience.
  4. Balance for Broad Benefits: While you might prefer one format over others, the study suggests that a mix of formats can lead to higher satisfaction and achievement. Try to incorporate a balance of video, printed, and LMS-based materials in your study plan to cover all bases.
  5. Feedback and Adaptation: Just as the study evaluated learner satisfaction, regularly assess your satisfaction with your course materials. If a particular format isn’t working for you, don’t hesitate to switch it up. Adaptability is key in distance learning.
  6. Set Achievable Goals: The study’s focus on achievement underscores the importance of setting clear, achievable learning objectives. Whether it’s mastering a specific fitness technique or understanding a health concept, clear goals can guide your study focus and keep you motivated.
  7. Regular Review Sessions: To enhance retention, as indicated in the study, schedule regular review sessions. Go over your notes, rewatch key video segments, or redo worksheets & Practice Online Theory Assessments to reinforce your learning.

The study by Falode and Mohammed is a testament to the dynamic nature of learning preferences and the effectiveness of different courseware formats in distance education. By personalising your learning approach, balancing different materials, and actively engaging with the course content, you can significantly enhance your effectiveness and retention in your distance study fitness course. Remember, the key is to find what works best for you and to remain adaptable in your learning journey.


  1. Falode, O., & Mohammed, I. A. (2023). Educational Technology Undergraduates’ Performance in a Distance Learning Course Using Three Courseware Formats. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 24(4). Retrieved December 5, 2023. Click here to review the full research article.

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