In the dynamic world of strength and conditioning (S&C), understanding global coaching practices can offer valuable insights into improving athlete performance and coaching methodologies. A recent study titled “Practices of Strength and Conditioning Coaches Across Chinese High-Performance Sports,” authored by Yuming Zhong, Anthony Weldon, C. Bishop, and Yongming Li, provides a comprehensive look into the coaching strategies employed in China’s high-performance sports sector. Published on May 29, 2023, this study not only sheds light on the unique practices of Chinese S&C coaches but also offers a comparative perspective with international coaching trends.

Overview of the Study

The research aimed to explore the practices and perspectives of strength and conditioning coaches within the high-performance sports domain in China. By surveying 93 S&C coaches across 44 sports and 25 provinces/municipalities, the study delved into various aspects of coaching, including periodisation strategies, exercise prescription, technology use, and more. The findings reveal a distinct approach to S&C coaching in China, emphasising the importance of periodisation, the preference for certain exercises and training methods, and the integration of technology in training programmes.

Analysis of the Results

  • Periodisation Strategies: Nearly all coaches (97%) reported using periodisation strategies to structure training programmes. This high adoption rate underscores the recognised importance of systematically planning training phases to optimise performance and recovery.
  • Exercise Prescription: For strength and power development, the Clean and derivatives were highlighted as the most crucial exercises by 37% of coaches. This preference indicates a focus on explosive, compound movements that are beneficial for a wide range of sports.
  • Technology Use: The study found that technology plays a significant role in modern S&C coaching in China, with 95% of coaches utilising technology-based equipment for training and monitoring purposes. This includes heart rate monitors for endurance training and repetition maximum methods for strength training.
  • Training Prescription Influences: Coaches tailored their training prescriptions to the specific needs of the sports they were involved in, yet external factors such as available facilities and equipment also significantly influenced their decisions.

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Implications for S&C Coaches

The study’s findings offer several key takeaways for S&C coaches worldwide:

  • Embrace Periodisation: The widespread use of periodisation among Chinese S&C coaches highlights its effectiveness in enhancing athletic performance. Coaches should consider implementing or refining periodisation strategies in their training programmes, ensuring athletes peak at the right time while minimising the risk of overtraining and injury.
  • Focus on Fundamental Exercises: The emphasis on the Clean and derivatives for strength and power development suggests that focusing on fundamental, compound movements can benefit athletes across various sports. Coaches should incorporate these exercises into their routines, adjusting the intensity and volume based on the athlete’s phase in the periodisation cycle.
  • Leverage Technology: The integration of technology in training and monitoring underscores its value in optimising training outcomes. S&C coaches should explore and incorporate technology solutions, such as wearable fitness trackers and performance analysis software, to enhance training precision and athlete feedback.
  • Adapt to Resources: The influence of external factors on training prescription in China serves as a reminder for coaches to be adaptable and innovative. Coaches should strive to maximise the use of available resources, whether in terms of equipment, facilities, or technology, to provide the best possible training environment for their athletes.

The study “Practices of Strength and Conditioning Coaches Across Chinese High-Performance Sports” offers valuable insights into the unique approaches and challenges faced by S&C coaches in China. By examining these practices, S&C coaches globally can glean lessons on periodisation, exercise prescription, and the use of technology, applying these insights to enhance their coaching strategies and ultimately, athlete performance.


Zhong, Y., Weldon, A., Bishop, C., & Li, Y. (2023). Practices of Strength and Conditioning Coaches Across Chinese High-Performance Sports. Click here to review the full research article

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