The AGUEDA trial’s study titled “Associations between muscular strength and mental health in cognitively normal older adults” presents groundbreaking evidence on the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, particularly through the lens of muscular strength in older adults. This article aims to dissect the study’s findings and methodologies to offer fitness professionals actionable insights on leveraging strength training to support the mental wellbeing of the elderly.

Study Overview

This cross-sectional study embarked on exploring the relationship between muscular strength, quantified through bicep curls, and mental health parameters among cognitively normal older adults. The objective was to discern whether a correlation exists that could signify strength training as a viable intervention for preserving and enhancing mental health in the aging population.


The AGUEDA trial measured participants’ muscular strength using bicep curls—a universally accessible and manageable exercise for older adults. Mental health status was assessed through standardised psychological evaluations, ensuring a robust data set reflective of the cognitive and emotional wellbeing of participants.

Key Findings and Analysis

The study unveiled a positive correlation between muscular strength and mental health outcomes. Participants with higher performance in bicep curl exercises demonstrated better scores on mental health assessments, suggesting that improvements in physical strength could directly influence cognitive and emotional health. This revelation underscores the potential of strength training not only as a tool for physical health but as a critical component of mental health maintenance for older adults.

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Practical Applications for Fitness Professionals

Incorporating Strength Training in Senior Fitness Programmes

Fitness professionals are encouraged to integrate strength training exercises, like bicep curls, into fitness regimes for older clients. Emphasising the dual benefits of such exercises on both physical and mental health could motivate clients to engage more consistently in their workout routines.

Tailoring Exercise Intensity

Understanding the varied physical capabilities of older adults, personal trainers should tailor exercise intensity to individual needs and health statuses. Progressive overload can be applied cautiously to continuously challenge the client while ensuring safety and preventing injury.

Monitoring and Motivation

Given the significant impact of physical exercise on mental wellbeing, trainers should adopt a holistic approach, monitoring not only physical but mental health improvements. Celebrating milestones in both domains can serve as a powerful motivational tool.

Encouraging Consistency

Fitness professionals should emphasise the importance of consistency in strength training for long-term mental health benefits. Establishing routine check-ins and adapting exercises to maintain engagement are key strategies.

The AGUEDA trial’s findings illuminate the profound impact of muscular strength on the mental health of older adults, offering a compelling case for the inclusion of strength training in fitness programmes for the elderly. By harnessing these insights, fitness professionals can play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for older adults through targeted, strength-based interventions.


Bellón, D., Rodriguez-Ayllon, M., Solis-Urra, P., et al. (2024). “Associations between muscular strength and mental health in cognitively normal older adults: a cross-sectional study from the AGUEDA trial.” Click here to review the full research article

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