When asked what your product range is many fitness professionals simply reply ‘personal training’. Now this is a good start but the modern consumer wants to get more of an experience from their fitness sessions. This experience comes from a properly designed product range that is specifically targeted and focused onto the consumers specific needs. We go over what a product range is, why it matters, how to go about separating yourself from the pack and how to do it

1- What is a product range

2- Is a product range really important?

3- Brand Standards

4- What is a USP

5- Action Points

What is a product range?

Your product range is made up of services or products that you sell to your client base. It is important that your product range mirrors the needs of your client base, and helps them to achieve their specific goals.

This should not be based on what your competitors do, but products should be designed based on the need of the market, and this should have been established during your market research.

Another key factor to remember is that you do not need to be able to offer all the services yourself, they could be bought in from other companies or alternatively through your referral network.

Common elements that are included in a personal training product range includes:

The above services can then be offered to your market as a standalone or as part of a package of products.

Is this really that important? Personal training is personal training isn’t it?

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it is important that you stand out from the crowd. This is achieved by ensuring that your product/service range is unique, innovative and precisely targeted at your niche. So even though personal training product ranges may be very similar across a number of niches it is vital that you tailor your offering to the specific needs of your market.

Brand standards

Brand standards are the minimum level of service that your clients can expect when using your service. You can be a less expensive trainer, who offers a more affordable service with less frills, this has the benefit of allowing you to draw from a larger market share that have a more limited disposable income. Alternatively you can look at ways to take your service into the premium price range, in this range clients will expect more for the larger training fees. Clients who pay more will expect small extras such as the trainer turning up with a bottle of water and a gym towel for them at the start of the session. Brand standards are what set you apart from the average personal training company. Remember once a standard is set it will become expected by your clients, so it must be maintained.

What is a USP?

Your USP or Unique Selling Point is what sets you apart from your competition. This is normally the reason you give to a client when they ask why should I choose you over all the other personal training companies in your area. What do you do differently, better or just in a unique way compared to all the rest! Having a powerful USP is vital in your marketing effort!


  • List all the products and services that your niche may be interested in, remember any service you can not offer yourself could be bought in or provided by a referral partner.
  • Tailor these or give them a spin that makes the specific to your market.
  • What will be your brand standards?
  • Decide what you do differently, better or in a unique manner than other personal training companies in your area.

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