The year 2023 has been significant in advancing our understanding of nutrition’s role in enhancing athletic performance and recovery. This article explores recent studies and their practical implications for fitness professionals.

Key Nutritional Findings from 2023 Research

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The 2023 research underscores the critical role of nutrition in athletic performance and recovery. By incorporating these insights, fitness professionals can better support their clients in achieving peak performance while maintaining optimal health. Tailoring nutritional strategies to individual needs and conditions, such as diabetes, is essential for maximising benefits.


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  2. Schroeder, A. E., Rosenkranz, R., Yarrow, L. K., Haub, M., & Rosenkranz, S. (2023). Recovery Phase Nutrition and Insulin Strategies for a Collegiate Distance Runner with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Study. Sports, 11(11), 214. Click here to review the full research article.
  3. Ferrada-Contreras, E., Bonomini-Gnutzmann, R., Jorquera-Aguilera, C., MacmiIlan Kuthe, N., Peña-Jorquera, H., & Rodríguez-Rodríguez, F. (2023). Does Co-Supplementation with Beetroot Juice and Other Nutritional Supplements Positively Impact Sports Performance?: A Systematic Review. Nutrients, 15(22), 4838. Click here to review the full research article.
  4. Doppalapudi, T. V. (2023). Injury Prevention in Intermediate Runners. V5i5.22. Click here to review the full research article.

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