With so much information and so many providers to choose from it is very easy to become quickly overwhelmed when looking at where to start your personal training career.  Starting on the path to becoming a PT shouldn’t be complicated and it certainly shouldn’t leave you confused and frustrated.

Avoiding frustration and confusion is why we run a monthly Virtual Open Day or VOD. The VOD is an opportunity for you to plug in, from the comfort of your own home and meet our team. In thirty minutes, we go over how we work, what you can expect from your time at TRAINFITNESS, what we offer, how we support you during the course and how we continue that support long after you have finished with us.  We also answer any questions you might have.

We feel this is a far more digestible way of finding out the facts and the information that is important to you than reading through hundreds of search results, mind boggling amounts of sales talk and conflicting information. At the end of the VOD you are free to make up your mind about training with us; there is no pressure and no obligation. If you have further questions our team are on hand to answer questions, be it on the phone or through email

If you want to join us in our next VOD, then all you need to do is click here to book your free place.

If you want to see how a VOD works, feel free to watch the video below. If you still have questions, give us a call or send us an email, we’re a friendly bunch and we love to talk.

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