In the realm of fitness education, the integration of technology and multimedia resources has revolutionised the way learners absorb and apply knowledge. A recent study by Abayomi Ilesanmi, titled “Teaching and Learning with Instructional Videos: Issues and Concerns for Educational Practice“, published on January 1, 2023, delves into the effectiveness of instructional videos in educational settings. This study is particularly relevant for learners enrolled in fitness courses with TRAINFITNESS, which extensively utilises video content in its curriculum.

Understanding the Study

Ilesanmi’s research highlights the growing prominence of video-based learning in modern educational practices. The study acknowledges the dynamic nature of instructional videos, encompassing images, sounds, and graphical representations, which can significantly enhance the learning experience. However, it also brings to light certain challenges and concerns associated with the production and use of these videos, emphasising the need for strategic implementation to maximise their educational impact.

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Applying the Research to Your Study

For learners engaged in TRAINFITNESS courses, this study offers valuable insights into how to effectively utilise video content for optimal learning outcomes. Here are some tailored tips based on Ilesanmi’s research:

  1. Active Engagement: Instead of passively watching the videos, actively engage with the content. Pause frequently to take notes, reflect on the techniques shown, and consider how they apply to your fitness goals or training methods.
  2. Practical Application: After watching a video segment, practice the demonstrated exercises or techniques. This hands-on approach reinforces learning and helps in better retention of the information.
  3. Discussion and Collaboration: Engage with fellow learners or instructors to discuss the video content. Sharing insights and experiences can deepen understanding and provide diverse perspectives on the material.
  4. Feedback Loop: Utilise the interactive features of the TRAINFITNESS platform to provide feedback or ask questions about the video content. This interaction can clarify doubts and enhance the learning experience.
  5. Supplemental Reading: Complement video learning with related reading materials. This dual approach can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the concepts and techniques being taught.
  6. Mindful Viewing: Be mindful of your attention span and take breaks when needed. Short, focused learning sessions are often more effective than long, uninterrupted ones.
  7. Repetition and Spacing: Revisit the videos over time to reinforce learning. Spaced repetition is a proven technique for improving memory and recall.
  8. Critical Analysis: Critically analyse the videos, questioning and reflecting on the content. This critical thinking approach can lead to a deeper understanding of fitness concepts.

The integration of instructional videos in fitness education offers a dynamic and interactive way to learn. By applying the insights from Ilesanmi’s study, learners at TRAINFITNESS can enhance their educational experience, leading to more effective learning and better application of fitness knowledge. Embracing these strategies will not only improve understanding but also equip learners with the skills to apply their knowledge practically in the field of fitness and health.


  1. Ilesanmi, A. (2023). Teaching and Learning with Instructional Videos: Issues and Concerns for Educational Practice. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 26(1), 123-134. Click here to review the full research article

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