Free to Enrol

TRAINFITNESS, in partnership with cAmpus by Amplify are now offering fitness courses which are free to enrol.

cAmpus fitness courses - Free to Enrol

by Amplify

cAmpus is an exciting new way for you to start your career in the fitness industry where you don’t have to pay anything to get started.

You can enrol on any of the cAmpus courses for free. Then when you’re ready to do your training & or assessment, you purchase a Training & Assessment Package from TRAINFITNESS.

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Training & Assessment Packages

Once enrolled, you may select a Training & Assessment Package to become qualified.

Various Packages Available

All courses will include one or more Training & Assessment Packages which you select when you’re ready.

Enrol today for free, then start your online study. When you’re ready, you select a Training & Assessment Package to complete the training and/or assessment in order to qualify.

Different courses have different Training & Assessment Packages. Some may include Distance Study Assessment Packages, others will have In-person and/or Virtual Training & Assessment Packages.

Please refer to the specific course information page to view the Training & Assessment Packages included.

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Free Fitness Courses

The following courses are available to enrol on for free.